Sun Luban (in Chinese: 孫魯班), also known as Eldest Princess (in Chinese: 長公主) or Princess Quan (in Chinese: 全公主), is a character in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. She is one of the daughters of Sun Quan and Bu Lianshi.


Sun Quan hired Zhou Yu's daughter as a prince, Sun Luban decided to married Zhou Yu's eldest son Zhou Xun under her own arrangements, Zhou Xun was riding the capital and very popular with his father, but he died at a young age. When Sun Quan become the emperor, Sun Luban married the general Quan Cong. Since then, Sun Luban has also been called Princess Quan. After the marriage, she gave birth to their third son Quan Yi and younger son Quan Wu. But her two sons later attacked their father and was named as the township, Sun Luban was also named as Eldest Princess.

Sun Quan has another sons, Sun He and Sun Ba, who later became the husbands of Lady Zhang and Lady Liu, they are receive many gifts throughout the year. After Sun Deng dies, Sun He was established as a prince of Wu. When Sun Quan intends to make Lady Wang as the empress, Lady Wang's favor was second only to Lianshi. Sun Luban has always hated her, Sun He and Sun Ba are not awkward and gives Sun Luban another chance. Sun Luban swears at her father's mind and intends to make a good deal with them, Lady Quan is beautiful and understanding who likes her.

When she used to go to the palace with her when she saw her father. Sun Luban repeatedly mentioned the daughter of Quan Shang and advised Sun Liang as a Crown Prince. Sun He was officially abandoned and Sun Ba was killed by the enemy, His pawns Quan Ji, Wu An, Sun Qi and Yang Zhu were also killed together. Sun Liang is re-established as a prince and the daughter of Quan Shang as Crown Princess. After Sun Quan's death, he felt regret during his illness and once planned to recall Sun He again. Since the Quan family began to decline, her fate is unknown.


  • She is one of the non-playable characters in the Dynasty Warriors series.


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