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Roast N' Toast!
~ -Sunburn's official catchphrase

Sunburn is a phoenix dragon hybrid Skylander in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.

He is voiced by Troy Baker who also voiced Rattle Shake, Brock, Hawkeye from Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble, and many others.


Born in the center of an active volcano, Sunburn is part dragon, part phoenix, and 100% fire power. He is very proud of his unique heritage, and is the only dragon and phoenix hybrid known to exist in Skylands. This rare combination makes him a desirable target for dark wizards and bounty hunters who seek to gain power by unlocking the secrets behind Sunburn’s ability to teleport. Joining the Skylanders gave Sunburn a way to help defend the world from evil, but also provided him with protection, as he remains one of the most sought after creatures in Skylands.


Sunburn is a true master of the fire element. He can breath flames continouosly much like Blast Zone, or Flamethrower from Pokemon. He can also use a move called Immolation Teleportation, which makes him teleport to another area will  leaving a firey disc behind, like Shang Tsung's Hot Escape. As being part phoenix, he can use a phoenix dash attack, giving him extra speed while damaging enemies, like Drobot's Afterburners (with his soul gem from Battlefield).

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