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Sunflower can't resist bouncing to the beat. Which beat is that? Why, the life-giving jazzy rhythm of the Earth itself, thumping at a frequency only Sunflower can hear.
~ Sundlower's description from the first game.
I'm just a sunflower but see me power an entire infantry
You like the taste of brains, we don't like zombies
~ Sunflower in Zombies on Your Lawn music video.

The Sunflower is one of the main protagonists of Plants vs. Zombies franchise. She is a plant that can produce sun overtime to help the player fight the zombies.

In the credit music video Zombies on Your Lawn, she was voiced by Laura Shigihara, the former composer of the franchise.


Sunflower is a plant that has sixteen yellow petals on her brown face, which includes black eyes and a smile. Her body is a green stem with four leaves as legs to help her moving around.


Plants vs. Zombies

She first appeared after the players completed Player's House - Day 1. In the next level, the game gave the Players instructions about her, as see can produce 25 suns in seven seconds.

In the credit music video, Sunflower appeared and sang the song "Zombies on Your Lawn", with many zombies dancing around her.

Sunflower can be upgraded to the Twin Sunflower after Level 3-4, after the Players bought Twin Sunflower's seed packet.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

She returned in the canceled game Plants vs. Zombies Adventures after beating The Boonies Level 1.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

She also returned in the sequel of the first game after the Players completed Player's House - Day 1. Unlike the first game, she gives you 50 sun each instead of 25. She is in Enlighten-mint family, a family of sun-producing plants.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

In this game, she returned as one of the playable character on the Plants' side.

In the introduction of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, she spawned at the Zombies' side and the players had to help her get to the landing zone to get back on the Plants' side.

She returned in Battle for Neighborville as a playable character of Support Class on the Plants side.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Not to brag, but I'm pretty much your basic franchise-founding superstar.
~ Sunflower's card description.

As seen in the introduction of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, the malfunction of the Hero-Tron 5000 turned the Sunflower into Solar Flare, one of the Plant Heroes.

Sunflower also appeared as a Solar Plant Card. Her rarity is Basic - Common, she costs 1, with the Flower tribe, and her health is 1. Her trait is Team-up, allowing the players to plant tow plants in a column instead of 1. She can produce an extra sun for each turn. When attack, she spits a small sun that can deal with damages dependent on the amount of strength.

Metal Petal

Time to put the metal to the petal, baby!
~ Metal Petal's description.

Another Sunflower that appeared in this game is Metal Petal, a Flower Plant of Solar class, which is based in the Sunflower's variant with the same name. Her rarity is Premium - Uncommon, she costs 4 suns, and her strength and health are 3 and 4. Start of turn, the players earn an extra sun.

Other appearances

Plants vs. Zombies comics

She appeared as one of the supporting characters to help Nate Timeley and Patrice Blazing fight the Zombies.

Also in the comics, there was a Sunflower named Fred, who appears to be square-shaped and a male.

Plants vs. Zombies vs. Jay and Silent Bob

She appeared as a minor character in the Episode 3, The Epic Conclusion.

World of Warcraft

She appeared as a Singing Sunflower pet in World of Warcraft.

Little Big Planet 3

She appeared as one of the costume in this game.


  • Mystic Flower
  • Power Flower
  • Fire Flower
  • Shadow Flower
  • Metal Petal
  • Sun Pharaoh
  • Alien Flower
  • Vampire Flower
  • Stuffy Flower

Powers and Abilities


  • Sun Production: Sunflower's signature move, as she can produce sun to help the players get a plant.
  • Sun Pulse: In Garden Warfare series, she can fire sun pulses at zombies.
  • Heal Beam: Sunflower can heal allies close to her when activated.
    • Rainbow Heal Beam: With this ability, she can heal allies much faster.
  • Sunbeam: She can fire a laser that can deal damages to zombies while being stationary.
    • Solar Flare Beam: She can fire a beam that is more limited than the Sunbeam, but it can deal more damages and the players don't have to press the button to start it.
  • Sunny Side Up: She can create a shower of sundrops to help allies.

Flowers pots

  • Heal Flower: A flower that can heal all allies by dropping three sundrops.
  • Dark Flower: A flower that can shoot red lasers at zombies.
  • Rainbow Flower: A flower that can only drops one sun at a time, but it will drop faster in the default version.


  • Singing skills: As seen in Zombies on Your Lawn, she can sing very well.



  • One of the Sunflower's variants, Vampire Flower, with Count Chompula, and Vampweed are the only plants that are vampires.
    • Beside, despite being a vampire, her powers are associated with sunlight.


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