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Super-Rabbit (real name Kal-El Bunny) and later known in his adoptive name as Bugs Bunny is the main protagonist from the Looney Tunes episode of the same name and an recurring protagonist from The Looney Tunes Show, he is an parody of the main protagonist Superman from the DC Series and the alter-ego of the main protagonist Bugs Bunny.

He is voiced by the late Mel Blanc in the old show, in the Looney Tunes Show, he is voiced by the late Joe Alaskey and later Jeff Bergman who also voices Daffy Duck and other characters.

Origins and role

When Bugs Bunny who has a birth name of Kal-El Bunny was a cute baby rabbit, he was born of animal Crypton planet and was under the care of his father Jor-El Bunny including his unnamed mother, these latter sent him on Earth to be adopted by the Bunny family in which Lola's parents reside on Earth. Already a child, he discovers his powers in which he becomes the hero of Metropolis to impress his friends. After being confronted by Brainiac and his robot, Bugs Bunny, now as Super-Rabbit defeats them before Zod Duck and Faora arrive to try to destroy Metropolis.

In the zone, Bugs Bunny asks his father Jor-El Bunny to stop Zod Duck and his goons from destroying Metropolis and Jor-El Bunny agrees. As Super-Rabbit, Bugs Bunny manages to defeat Zod Duck by destroying this latter's golden statue in which leads Zod Duck to his demise, Bugs, helped by his father manages to imprison Zod Duck and his goons in the Phantom Zone discovered by Bugs. With Zod Duck now gone, Bugs Bunny dons his costume and gets graduated by his father Jor-El Bunny who congratulates him for his efforts of saving Metropolis.



  • He shares similarities with Clark Kent aka Superman from DC series as both of them are born on the alien planet and get sent on Earth to discover their respective powers.


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