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Super Diaper Baby a.k.a Billy Hoskins is a super powered baby George and Harold created. He has a sidekick named Diaper Dog. He was Invented because George and Harold were riding on their skateboards with ketchup packs until there principal, Mr. Krupp yells at them. He tells them to clean up the mess,Then he tells them to make a 100 page essay about good citizenship without anything to do with Captain Underpants. So the boys made there essay to a book. The next day, they show it to their principal which makes him angry.


It all began after Mary Hoskins ( his mom) gave birth to Billy. The doctor said" Now, I will give him the spank of life." he tried to spank him but he flew out of the hospital window. Falling down, He landed in the super power juice Deputy Dangerous had. He drank the juice and he got super powers.