Superboy (also known as Conner Kent and Kon-El, "born" March 21, 2010) is a genomorph, a binary clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, and a founding member of the Team.

He is voiced by Nolan North who is Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series and Desmond Miles from the Assassin's Creed series.


Although he desires to be a good hero, Superboy has anger issues. Having spent his first 16 weeks of existence as a science project and mind-controlled puppet, Superboy is defiant and does not like being told what to do or being dismissed. He often behaves with an air of extreme confidence, due in large part to the fact that he is Superman's genetic clone, and was created in order to replace him. This makes him exceedingly overconfident in his abilities to the point that he ignores the help of others and impulsively throws himself into situations that he cannot handle on his own. Despite this confidence, he worries about living up to his namesake, Superman. Due to the fact he never really had the opportunity to interact with anyone until recently, Superboy is somewhat anti-social and has a hard time getting along with others or showing his emotions. As such he constantly behaves in a confrontational manner to all people, even those who are attempting to be kind towards him. Even simple things like making amends with people who he has wronged is a tough concept for him to understand. However, he has learned quickly and has become not quite so silent, to the point of even carrying on a conversation without getting angry.

By 2016, Superboy seems to have become more mellow and in touch with his emotions, but he is still angered whenever Miss Martian uses her powers invasively. He has also become more experienced and uses his intelligence more, planning attacks instead of going in with physical strength.


On March 21, 2010, Project Cadmus initiated Project Kr. It was based on Project Match, an earlier attempt to clone Superman. Because of the incomplete DNA sequences, "Match" was deemed a failure, a mistake they did not repeat on Project Kr. For this new project, gaps in the sequences were filled with human DNA, with Lex Luthor as the donor. He was kept in a containment pod along with three G-Gnomes, who telepathically controlled him and educated him with the knowledge of a boy of his physiological age.

July 2010 Main article: Superboy in July 2010 The Team makes a stand Superboy and the young heroes stood up to the League, convincing Batman to allow them to be a team.

Aqualad, Robin and Kid Flash discovered the Genomorph project and Superboy, whom they liberated. The four youths stood up to their mentors and declared they were ready to prove themselves as heroes. While Batman considered their argument, Kid Flash had Superboy stay with him. Together they faced the Terror Twins at Central City Mall. They formed a covert ops team and were given their own headquarters in Mount Justice, and were introduced to Miss Martian.

Left alone in the Cave briefly, Superboy experienced a telepathic reconstruction of Joker's attack on the Cave years prior, when it still served as Justice League headquarters. It was caused by a G-gnome that had missed Superboy and followed him from Cadmus.

The Team grew restless from the lack of missions, but tried to get to know each other better. They fought Mister Twister, eventually defeating him, which renewed their faith in the Team. The Team later went on a campout where they shared the stories of how they became heroes.

The Team's first official mission was to investigate the stoppage of Venom production in Santa Prisca. Superboy and the rest of the Team eventually agreed Aqualad was their natural leader. The Team was then sent to stop a plutonium robbery. They defeated Psycho-Pirate and Atomic Skull, capturing the former.

August 2010 Main article: Superboy in August 2010 Amazo destroyed Channeling his anger, Superboy exploited Amazo's weakness and destroyed it.

Superboy, along with the rest of the Team, began taking training sessions with Black Canary. The Team were assigned to guard shipments of the disassembled Amazo. Professor Ivo was able to retrieve and reassemble the robot, but the Team defeated Amazo and captured Ivo.

Artemis joined the Team, just before they were assigned a mission by Red Arrow: to protect Serling Roquette from the League of Shadows while she worked on a counter-weapon to the Fog she developed.

The Team took a class in espionage from Captain Atom. When the lecture proved boring, Captain Atom assigned them a cold case mission–to determine whether or not Air Force captain Nathaniel Adams was framed for the murder of his superior during the Vietnam War. The Team was ultimately successful in determining Adams' innocence.

Superboy and Megan moment Conner and M'gann shared an awkward moment together in the kitchen.

The Team was later sent by Red Tornado to protect the Helmet of Fate following Kent Nelson's disappearance. While the Helmet was kept safe, Kent died defending it. Two days later, Superboy and the others attended Kent's funeral.

Later, Batman ordered the Team to track Clayface through Gotham City while he worked on a way to defeat him. The Team engaged Clayface against Batman's orders–the Team was soundly defeated, but saved by Batman at the last moment. That evening, Superboy, reluctantly, tried to help M'gann cook but ended up getting covered in food.

September 2010 Main article: Superboy in September 2010 Miss Martian restores Superboy's memories Thanks to Miss Martian, Superboy's memory was restored.

Batman sent the Team to Bialya, where they encountered Psimon, who blocked their memories of the prior six months. Superboy was left with no memories at all, and was captured and tortured. Miss Martian rescued him and restored his memories, and he took Sphere as a pet.

Aqualad invited Superboy and Miss Martian to visit Atlantis with him. They met Kaldur's parents, then went to the capital, where they helped thwart Ocean-Master's plot to steal Queen Mera's powers.

Superboy and M'gann began school. M'gann provided Superboy with the name Conner for the occasion, while Martian Manhunter suggested the surname Kent.

Superboy and Miss Martian were sent on a mission to infiltrate Belle Reve Penitentiary posing as the Terror Twins. They successfully prevented the breakout attempt, and had their first kiss.

Superboy lashes out Superboy was furious when he and the Team learned Aqualad had been keeping information from them.

Superboy, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Miss Martian were captured when the Cave was invaded by Red Torpedo and Red Inferno. They were eventually rescued by Robin and Artemis. Like the rest of the Team, he was rendered unconscious by Red Tornado, who fled with his "siblings". Superboy, like the rest of the Team, was furious to discover Aqualad had withheld information about a possible mole on the Team. Batman assigned the Team to investigate reports of gorilla attacks in India. After defeating the Brain and freeing his Kobra-Venom-enhanced animal slaves, Superboy was satisfied with Aqualad's reasons for keeping the secret and picked up a new pet: Wolf.

The Team was then sent to investigate reports of another Kobra-Venom operation in Bwunda. The Team were ambushed and captured by the Brain's gorillas, but eventually freed themselves and helped the gorillas stage a rebellion against their captors.

October 2010 Main article: Superboy in October 2010 The Team was sent to destroy the central control system being used by the Injustice League to attack a number of cities worldwide with giant plants. They successfully destroyed the control plant, and the subsequent arrival of the Justice League was enough to force their enemies to surrender.

The Team was introduced to Zatanna. They went on an unauthorized mission to find Red Tornado. They discovered the robot had not betrayed them and, together with Red Inferno and Red Torpedo, they were able to destroy Red Volcano and prevent the Yellowstone supervolcano from devastating the planet.

Miss Martian's grief Superboy and the Team were traumatized following their horrific training session.

Superboy and the rest of the Team took part in a telepathic training simulation run by Martian Manhunter. It went wrong when Artemis's "death" caused Miss Martian to take control, causing them to forget it was not real. Superboy "died" heroically, sacrificing himself to allow the others to infiltrate the alien mothership. When the simulation was ended, Conner, like the others, was left devastated.

A week later, the Team underwent psychological evaluations by Black Canary to cope with the trauma they experienced. Superboy stormed out of his session, and took a joyride on the newly transformed Sphere with Wolf. During his outing, he was confronted by the Forever People, a group of young New Gods from New Genesis, who accused him of stealing Sphere and demanded that he return her. They eventually cleared up the misunderstanding and Superboy helped the Forever People recover stolen technology from Intergang. Seeing that she was in good hands, the New Gods allowed Sphere to stay with Conner. After returning to the Cave, Superboy admitted to Canary that he felt guilty because he wasn't devastated by the simulation. Truthfully, he felt happy during the whole ordeal because he finally understood what it was like to be Superman, putting him "at peace."

On Halloween, Conner attended a party at Happy Harbor High School with M'gann and Wally. They discovered Marvin was playing a prank on the guests, so they came up with a counter-prank.

November 2010 Edit Main article: Superboy in November 2010 Superboy and child Superboy rescued a little boy from a deserted car when his parents disappeared.

After all the adults in the world disappeared, Superboy and the Team worked with Zatanna to find the cause. With help from Captain Marvel they were able to communicate with the adults in their own separate dimension and coordinate an attack on Klarion and his group of sorcerers, merging the dimensions back into one.

Superboy attended a "surprise" party at the Cave for Wally's sixteenth birthday. He then joined the joint League-Team mission to destroy the Ice Fortresses freezing North America.

Superboy joined a mission to Qurac to discover why the nation's leader decided to allow Bialya to absorb Qurac. They saved Marie Logan and her son from Bialyan tanks, though Gar was injured during a reprisal attack. The Team went on to the capital, where they successfully defeated Psimon, who was controlling Harjavti.

Superboy distrusts Luthor Upon meeting him, Superboy was receptive towards his other "father", Lex Luthor.

On Thanksgiving, Superboy received an ultra-sonic message from Lex Luthor, who encouraged him to investigate Cadmus. Superboy found another Superman clone and attempted to free him. The clone was enraged and mindless, and Superboy was reluctantly forced to put him back in stasis. His mission allowed Luthor to discover the location of Genomorph City. Conner also received a number of Shields to enhance his powers, and discovered that he had some human DNA—from Luthor, who had some level of control over Superboy.

December 2010 Main article: Superboy in December 2010 M'gann and Conner visited the Logans before going to Dhabar to protect Harjavti from a suspected attack by Queen Bee. They and Superman intervened as Deadshot apparently attempted to kill Harjavti. Superboy became enraged by using a Shield and savagely beat Deadshot.

Bored while the rest of the Team was on a mission, Conner, M'gann and Zatanna broke into Red Tornado's apartment and discovered his android alter ego.

M'gann joined an undercover mission to investigate tech robberies linked to Haly's Circus. They were able to capture Parasite and prevent him using the stolen tech to create a black hole.

Superboy comes clean Superboys came clean with his friends about the Shields and his connection to Lex Luthor.

Superboy and the rest of the Team, now including Rocket, responded to an alert that Cheshire had been spotted. They found they had been lured into a trap, but were nonetheless successful in defeating their enemies and capturing the case that had eluded them previously. Realizing the trap meant there must really be a mole, Superboy, Artemis and Miss Martian revealed their secret links to their enemies to the rest of the Team, and found acceptance. The Team ambushed Lex Luthor, Queen Bee and their allies on Santa Prisca and captured several villains, though Luthor and Bee escaped.

They returned to the Cave triumphant, but were shocked to find Batman waiting to tell them the mole was Red Arrow. Aqualad, Superboy, M'gann, and Artemis went to find Roy, while the others investigated Red Tornado's mysterious shutdown. They found Red Arrow, who explained he had unwittingly been under the Light's control. The Team infiltrated the Watchtower and freed the League from the Light's control.

January 2011 THE WATCHTOWER January 1, post-00:00 EST As the clock struck New Year, Miss Martian and Superboy kissed. Later, they were locked in a passionate hug when Superman arrived to talk to him. The Man of Steel congratulated him, and tried, uncomfortably, to create another conversation. He inquired about Superboy's civilian name, Conner Kent, and revealed his own secret identity, Clark Kent, to him. Conner was surprised and apologized for the similarity, but Superman was proud of the connection. Superboy was happy with the acceptance. 2014 METROPOLIS November 30, approx-16:22 EST Draaga showed up in Metropolis and challenged Superman to single combat. Following his defeat at the hands of Superman and Superboy, he retreated. February 2015 MOUNT JUSTICE February 16, post-21:31 EST Superboy and Miss Martian joined Nightwing and Aqualad in the mission room to debrief Artemis's mission to Olympia. She had not succeeded in finding missing scientist Helena Sandsmark, but stuck a tracer on Sportsmaster. This lead them to Siberia. VERHOYANSK February 17, 17:59 OMSST Superboy lead a squad to Siberia. As soon as they arrived, they noticed earthquakes, as was the case in Greece. However, as something interfered with their comm device, their first objective was to knock out whatever jammed the signal. After a series of fights with Shadows and hitching a ride across the river on a cargo ship, they found the jammer in a LexCorp camp.

In the camp, they also found captured villagers being wired up to ice machines, guarded by Shadows and LexCorp robots. They proved little opposition. The squad eventually came to an ornate ice garden, where they found Killer Frost. Though she had back-up from more LexCorp Spider Bots, she too was defeated.

The squad continued to trace the signal of Sportsmaster's tracer, requiring them to travel through ice caves and fight their way through more Shadows and LexCorp bots. The group eventually found Sportsmaster and Icicle Jr. in a room with a laser drill, and Superboy confronted them just as the villains were planning to leave. Alpha Squad defeated them both, and took an ancient artifact from Sportsmaster. However, the villains escaped, and the drilling and the fight made the mountain unstable.

Superman linked up with the squad, and together, they had to fight their way through a series of locks and tunnels while staying ahead of the avalanche. With Superman's help, they managed to escape and save the surrounding villages from the avalanche.

MOUNT JUSTICE February 17, post-07:00 EST Back in the mission room, Batman congratulated Superboy on his successful recovery of the artifacts and saving the villages. Superboy, however, was somewhat displeased as they couldn't find doctor Sandsmark.

Further missions to Santa Prisca and Gotham City yielded more artifacts, and they found doctor Sandsmark. The Team discussed what to do next; they discovered the artifacts were tied to the legends of Marduk and Tiamat. As disasters intensified, Superboy stressed the need for urgency.

MOUNT JUSTICE February 18, 09:59 EST Squads lead by Nightwing and Aqualad stopped Tiamat, but Aquagirl had to sacrifice herself. The Team gathered in the Mission Room to mourn and debrief.

December 2015 Main article: Superboy in December 2015 Superboy's relationship with M'gann ended after he broke it off shortly before December, because he disapproved of how M'gann used her abilities to extract information from villains, and she tried to make him forget that he was angry with her. He did not like to see her kissing her new boyfriend, Lagoon Boy, and thought he was a jerk.

On the first day of the month, Superboy was assigned to help guard Noor Harjavti at a political rally in Metropolis. He was one of a number of powerful superheroes and villains teleported from Earth[47] to a crystalline prison[52] on the Moon by Kylstar. He and the Leaguers captured with him escaped their cells, but were soon brought before Kylstar.[58] The heroes fought him,[59] and eventually managed to convince him of their right to freedom. Kylstar released all the prisoners who did not wish to join his army. Superboy and the others were teleported to the Collector of Worlds's vessel. There they helped fight the alien android and convince him to spare Metropolis.

January 2016 Main article: Superboy in January 2016 On New Year's Day, Superboy joined a squad assigned to capture Clayface. Following the revelation of the Krolotean invasion, he was assigned to Zeta-squad and sent to Rann.[18] Zeta was able to force the Krolotean force on Rann to retreat, retrieve Zeta-Shield plans to prevent further incursions and discovered why the League were wanted criminals on Rimbor.[7] He then took part in the attack on the Kroloteans's last outpost on Earth. Towards the end of the month, he bade farewell to Superman, who left with the other accused Leaguers to face trial on Rimbor.

February 2016 MOUNT JUSTICE February 13, 21:51 EST After the destruction of Malina Island, Superboy suspected the bomb was smuggled to Earth via boom tube. He suspected Intergang's involvement, and discovered Bruno Mannheim had come out of hiding. He took Blue Beetle and Wolf with him to follow them. WASHINGTON, D.C. February 13, post-21:51 EST The heroes encountered Mannheim and Whisper A'Daire at the Hall of Justice. Mannheim activated an Apokoliptan device, which revived the residual energy in the Appellaxian husks inside the Hall's trophy room.

Superboy and Wolf attacked the merged golem, but were no match. After Blue Beetle unwisely attacked it with a sonic blast, which was bounced back, all three of them were knocked out. Intergang and the golem escaped.

Giving chase, Superboy berated Blue Beetle for not doing his homework on the Appellaxians, the League's first case, and explained their origins to him.

ARLINGTON February 13, 22:45 EST They caught up with the villains, and Sphere destroyed the control device. With Mannheim no longer in control, the golem made his way to the Arlington Nuclear Power Plant. Blue Beetle and Superboy restrained Mannheim and A'Daire before heading to the power plant.

The golem repelled all of Superboy's and Wolf's attacks. Blue Beetle's armor figured out a way to talk to it, and they learned that it wanted to end its mechanical life to stop the pain it was in. Superboy offered help, but at that moment, a sonic blast from the forest destroyed the golem.

When they returned to the clearing where they left Mannheim and A'Daire, they found them alive, but unresponsive, which angered Superboy.

March 2016 Main article: Superboy in March 2016 Superboy took part in the mission to guard the Earth-Mars communication satellite launch. He posed as Superman for the benefit of a press conference, then piloted the Bio-Ship when Black Manta's troopers attacked. The mission ended in disaster, with the satellite destroyed and Artemis apparently killed by Aqualad. Superboy mourned Artemis's death and swore to Mal and Karen that they'd avenge their friend, while also telling them Nightwing went to notify Wally.[14]

His birthday went by largely unmarked but was celebrated by Wendy Harris. Superboy was in the Cave when it was infiltrated by Kaldur's squad. He was captured, but left behind. He was able to escape with the others before Kaldur destroyed the mountain.

Superboy then went undercover as a Manta trooper as part of the Team's plan to rescue their captured comrades. They found them on an alien vessel in the Pacific Ocean. The Team and a number of kidnapped teenagers were successfully rescued, but the Team had to fight their way past Black Beetle to escape. Beetle took down many of the Team, including Superboy, with embarrassing ease, but Blue Beetle was able to hold him off for long enough for everyone to make their escape.

April 2016 BLÜDHAVEN April 1, 21:15 EDT Superboy was with Nightwing, M'gann, Mal Duncan and Wolf at a warehouse, which Nightwing said he set up for those who had lived at Mount Justice as a new place to stay. Superboy said the accommodations were fine, but Mal indicated he wanted to make other arrangements. Nightwing suggested everyone head to the Hall of Justice to gather belongings that were salvaged from Mount Justice. WASHINGTON, D.C. April 1, 21:24 EDT Superboy joined Mal and M'gann at the Hall of Justice, where Bumblebee, Zatanna and Captain Marvel were also present. They heard a voice announcing a challenge to Earth's champions and Zatanna and Marvel went to investigate. L-Ron arrived, generated a force field around the Hall and Despero appeared, attacking Captain Marvel. Superboy left with Bumblebee to assist.

Despero mentally subdued Zatanna and neither Marvel nor Superboy was able to take down Despero. Marvel, who had changed into Billy Batson in an attempt to stop Despero, was mentally subdued as well, leaving Superboy to fight Despero. He was no match for Despero and, as Despero was about to finish him off, Bumblebee intervened, but she was mentally subdued as well. Mal Duncan appeared, dressed in Guardian's armor, and told M'gann telepathically he was going to buy some time, so M'gann escaped with Superboy and Bumblebee.

As the trio rode down an elevator, Superboy recovered, asking what happened, and Mal told him telepathically of his plan. Superboy asked why M'gann hadn't attacked Despero mentally and M'gann said she couldn't do it. Superboy told M'gann she needed to come up with an idea before something happened to Mal.

Superboy went to assist Mal, but Despero took both of them down. M'gann then reached the others telepathically, allowing Zatanna to cast a spell that left Despero stunned and allowed Superboy to take him down. Billy then arrived and transformed back into Captain Marvel to take out L-Ron. After L-Ron activated an explosion, Marvel rushed to protect Superboy and the others as the Hall crumbled down.

BLÜDHAVEN April 1, post-21:24 EDT Superboy was with Nightwing, Lagoon Boy, and Beast Boy at the warehouse, watching the broadcast of G. Gordon Godfrey's show. They are surprised to see Mal Duncan there, who tells them his other arrangements fell through. He inquires about M'gann's whereabouts and Nightwing said she was staying somewhere else. Superboy looked concerned.

CHICAGO April 2, 21:08 CDT M'gann, posing as John Jones, was staying at her uncle's apartment. Superboy knocked on the door, saying he needed to talk to her, and M'gann let him in.

BLÜDHAVEN April 8, 09:02 EDT Superboy was present at the warehouse as Nightwing assigned a squad to investigate LexCorp Farms.

SMALLVILLE April 8, post-23:13 CDT After the squad completed its mission, Superboy was present with the squad members, Nightwing and Green Beetle at the farm owned by Jonathan Kent. Jonathan allowed Green Beetle to stay in his barn, saying he had seen stranger things before and that he was happy to have any reason to see one of his boys, referring to Conner.

TAOS April 9, 00:20 MDT Superboy was at STAR Labs with other Team members and Adam Strange as Green Beetle explained an additive that the Reach added to a beverage being marketed to the public. After the briefing was completed, Lagoon Boy asked to speak with Miss Martian. She looked at Superboy, who simply shrugged.

CHICAGO April 9 06:20, cdt TIME ZONE Lagoon Boy and Miss Martian were ambushed by Deathstroke and Tigress, prompting Lagoon Boy to request backup. Superboy and Nightwing Zetaed to Chicago, but were too late as Deathstroke and Tigress had kidnapped Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy was injured.

CHICAGO April 9 post-06:20, cdt TIME ZONE Superboy and Nightwing were with Lagoon Boy at a hospital, trying to calm him down as La'gaan was insistent on going to help Miss Martian. He accused Superboy of no longer caring about her, to which Superboy told him he had no idea how he felt. Nightwing then revealed to the two that Kaldur was working in deep cover, that they faked Artemis's death and that she was working undercover as Tigress. La'gaan was upset about this but Superboy told him Nightwing must have had a good reason for keeping the information a secret.

When the two left La'gaan's room, Nightwing thanked Superboy for backing him up, but Superboy sharply responded that Nightwing had no idea what his secrets had caused. He told Nightwing that, because M'gann thought that Kaldur had really killed Artemis, she fried his brain when she found him aboard the Reach research ship. He then deduces that Tigress must have kidnapped M'gaan to help Kaldur but states that M'gann may not be able to help him, meaning that Nightwing's secrets have put M'gann, Artemis and Kaldur in great danger.

May 2016 THE WATCHTOWER May 23, 21:21 EDT Superboy was among those present for a briefing from Captain Atom about an object the Watchtower detected, about to pass in front of Rhea, but Nightwing realized it would pass behind Rhea. The large object is later identified by Green Beetle as the Warworld. THE WARWORLD May 26, post-12:00 UTC Superboy was among the Team members who snuck on board the Warworld after Justice League members occupied Mongul, the despot who controlled the large satellite and was attacking Earth. Superboy reported that Alpha Squad—himself, Wonder Girl, Arsenal and Wolf—were headed to the command center to stop Mongul.

Alpha Squad had to fight off drones that were protecting Warworld and Superboy was not happy that Arsenal fired a rocket launcher at some drones without warning him. Alpha Squad ultimately reached the command center but Mongul easily swatted away Superboy, Wonder Girl and Wolf and Arsenal's attacks were equally ineffective. When Superboy charged Mongul again, Mongul grabbed him, noted the symbol on his shirt and asked the Kryptonian if he thought he was the only one to come from a world with a red sun.

THE WARWORLD May 26, post-12:40 UTC After Bumblebee created a power surge to overload Mongul's control device and leave him dazed, Superboy called for an all-out assault on Mongul. Alpha Squad's efforts took him down and Wonder Girl was able to subdue Mongul with her lasso. As Superboy notified the others that Mongul was down, Batgirl congratulated Alpha Squad, but Superboy said somebody else was responsible for shutting down Warworld.

Alpha Squad was the last of the squads to return to the entry point, given how heavy Mongul was. As Superboy and Wonder Girl carried Mongul, Blue Beetle—who had secured the crystal key that activated Warworld—suddenly hit Impulse with the crystal, then attacked the rest of the Team. Beetle charged Superboy and took him down, leaving Wonder Girl trapped underneath Mongul, with Beetle pinning her arms down with staples. Arsenal, terrified at the thought of being captured again, opened the entry hatch, causing Sphere to be sucked into space. Blue Beetle was able to close the hatch and take other Team members down, and as he fired a staple at a fleeing Arsenal, Superboy took the blow and Arsenal got away. Superboy asked what Blue Beetle was doing and Beetle told him that resistance would be foolish given the lack of oxygen in the entry point, and then used his staple gun to knock Superboy out.

THE WARWORLD May 27, 06:36 UTC Superboy was trapped in a stasis cell under the Reach's control along with the rest of the Team.

THE WARWORLD May 30, post-03:36 UTC Superboy and the rest of the Team were freed by Arsenal, Virgil, Ed, Tye and Asami. They all retreated to the Bio-Ship.

BLÜDHAVEN May 30, 06:21 EDT The Team returned to their warehouse base.

June 2016 BLÜDHAVEN June 14, 00:03 EDT When Miss Martian returned to the warehouse with Lagoon Boy, she asked Nightwing where Superboy was. Nightwing replied that he had gone out with Wendy Harris. SANTA PRISCA June 19, 00:00 ECT Along with Guardian and Bumblebee, Superboy shadowed the Light-Reach summit held in an underground cavern. After Aqualad's betrayal was discovered, the Team sprung their trap, and Superboy's squad sealed off the entrance used by the Reach. During the ensuing melee, Superboy fought off Reach soldiers and League of Shadows agents with his brute strength. He engaged Black Beetle, but was easily outclassed in their physical confrontation. Despite this, the battle ended with the heroes victorious, with the capture of the Reach ambassador, Black Manta, the Brain, and Monsieur Mallah.

RIMBOR June 20, 00:16 UTC Superboy, Miss Martian, and Adam Strange arrived at the court at which the six Justice League members were standing trial. M'gann told Icon they had evidence to clear the Leaguers but Icon told her it was too late. Miss Martian and Superboy appealed to the Tribunal, who admitted the evidence was compelling but the court had already ruled. When Icon objected, the Tribunal asked for something "more". Miss Martian and Superboy improvised, saying that the case was a chance for the court to demonstrate justice prevailed on Rimbor, that more cases would thus be brought to the court and thus the more "mores" the tribunal would receive.

As the Tribune privately discussed the matter, Miss Martian admitted to Superboy that their deteriorated relationship was her fault and that she knew he was dating Wendy Harris, but Superboy replied he was acting as a sounding board between Wendy and her real boyfriend, Marvin White. The Tribunal then exited their chambers and announced all charges against the Leaguers had been dropped. Superboy, Miss Martian, and Adam Strange then teleported back to Earth.

METROPOLIS June 20, 08:16 EDT When magnetic field disruptors planted by the Reach threatened the Earth, Superboy joined 39 other heroes of Earth in a briefing in Metropolis. The heroes would use a computer virus provided by Lex Luthor to safely disable the devices. The heroes were paired off with another into twenty squads: one member would run interference against Beetle-tech Drones guarding the disruptors, allowing the other to get close enough to plant the virus. Superboy was assigned to Rho Squad, and worked alongside Wolf. Within thirty minutes, all squads had succeeded in their mission.

MOUNT JUSTICE June 20, 23:16 EDT Superboy and the rest of the Team met with the Justice League members that had just returned from Rimbor. Aqualad informed them that the Earth had been saved but at a cost.

July 2016 THE WATCHTOWER July 4, 21:16 EDT Superboy and Miss Martian were in the memorial garden, observing Robin and Wonder Girl. Superboy asked how long they had been a couple and Miss Martian replied that Cassie got the courage to kiss Robin after realizing how short life was when Wally passed away. The two agreed that that kind of courage could be hard to come by, but they were then summoned by Aqualad to the mission room. There, Batman informed the Team that the Watchtower would serve as their headquarters because the Team earned the right to fight alongside the Justice League. Aqualad then assigned Superboy, Miss Martian, and Beast Boy to Alpha Squad to go to Mars to assist B'arzz O'oomm.

August 2016 THE WATCHTOWER August 8, 16:16 EDT Superboy was the last to arrive at the mission briefing. Batgirl, Beast Boy and Miss Martian were already there, and he did not respond kindly to the latter's presence. When they learned their target was Psimon and M'gann confidently claimed she could handle him, Superboy angrily reminded her of her previous bouts with him and her abuse of powers. The mood soured even further, and the others picked up on the spat. Superboy overheard them with his super-hearing.

HOLLYWOOD August 8, 13:57 PDT Psimon had lured them to a classic movie convention. They split up to find him, with Miss Martian and Beast Boy sneaking into a Q&A with Sandra Stanyon. Superboy convinced her she should ask a question about Marie Logan, but at the same time reminded her this kindness was only because they were teammates.

Sandra sat down with them at the food court. At that point, Psimon trapped them all inside Miss Martian's mind. They were forced into a memory of Hello, Megan!. HOLLYWOOD August 8, 16:16 PDT Superboy and Beast Boy were stuck together, and Gar's encyclopedic knowledge of the show allowed him to see which parts were in the episode and which parts were from M'gann's sub-conscience. Garfield discerned she really needed forgiveness. Superboy explained the reason they split up, and that he had only more or less forgiven her. In a reenactment of the episode's finale, M'gann asked for forgiveness in a song. With Superboy forgiving her, and asking for her forgiveness in return, as he had grown scared of being close to her and acted angry in fear of that. The two reconciled their past grievances and expressed their love for one another, which allowed M'gann to break Psimon's illusion.

2016-2018 Superboy remained a member of the Team. After reconciling their relationship, he and M'gann moved into a home in Happy Harbor. Conner got a job as a motorcycle mechanic.

Powers & Abilities

  • Kryptonian physiology: As a partial genetic clone of Superman, he has most of the physical abilities of a Kryptonian who has absorbed the solar energy of a yellow sun. However, due to the human DNA supplied by Lex Luthor, he lacks the more advanced powers of flight and heat vision and presumably is incapable of ever acquiring them. In addition, his existing powers are considerably inferior to Superman's.
    • Super strength: This is one of Superboy's main abilities, allowing him to easily pick up or carry heavy objects.
      • Super leap: To compensate for his inability to fly like Superman, Superboy uses the super-strong muscles in his legs to jump incredible distances and heights.
    • Super speed: Although not as fast as Kid Flash, Superboy can move at meta-human speeds especially when charging at enemies.
    • Invulnerability: Like Superman, Superboy is nearly indestructible. This invulnerability allows him to rush into dangerous scenes with little care for what might actually happen. Out of all his teammates, Superboy has taken the most punishment from their missions but has displayed no lasting injuries. He has been tackled through walls, shot with guns and explosives, had his feet dipped in lava, and has come out with no obvious physical damage. He has yet to be permanently injured, but he does experience pain.
    • Super hearing: Superboy can pick up the faintest of sounds over long distances, as well as high frequencies not audible to regular humans.
    • Infrared vision: This ability allows Superboy to visually detect heat signatures, allowing him to easily see in the dark.
    • Microscopic vision
    • Telescopic vision


  • Hand-to-hand combatant: While normally relying on his sheer strength, Superboy has developed highly proficient combat skills from his training under Black Canary. He is especially good at grappling and takedowns. By 2016, he had taken an active role in training newer members of the Team.
  • Genomorph programming: While Superboy was being force grown, G-Gnomes telepathically fed him information in lieu of a traditional education:
    • Multilingualism: Superboy can understand and speak many languages outside of English. He is at least fluent in Spanish, Atlantean, French, Korean, Arabic and Russian, among other languages.
    • Encyclopedic knowledge: Likely due to the G-Gnomes, Superboy has an encyclopedic knowledge of World History.


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