That wall's forty feet high. You really think she could've climbed out?
~ Nick

Supervisor Nick is a minor protagonist in Jurassic World. He is played by Eric Edelstein, who is credited merely as "Paddock Supervisor".


Although he isn't in the movie for very long, Nick has an important role in the story early on. He worked at Jurassic World as the supervisor of Paddock 11, where the genetically engineered Indominus rex was kept. Your average "working joe," Nick was neither a very physically active nor particularly attentive man. Nevertheless, he was shown to a man who took responsibility when something went wrong, instead of delegating an important task to a subordinate.

When it seemed as though Indominus had escaped from the paddock, Nick entered the enclosure along with Owen Grady in an effort to determine how she'd escaped. Nick expressed skepticism that the dinosaur had managed to get over the forty foot wall. While he, Owen and another worker were examining scratch marks on the wall, Nick received an urgent call over his radio from Vivian Krill that Indominus rex was inside the paddock with them.

Although the three men ran for the small door they'd entered through, Indominus cut them off, eating the worker. Nick, who'd fallen behind because he was such a slow runner due to his weight, used his security code to open the paddock's main door so he could get out. Although this action ended up saving Owen's life by providing him an avenue of escape, it also unintentionally unleashed Indominus, who chased Owen through the door before it could finish closing.

Unable to run very far, Nick hid in front of a parked truck, where he sat crying until Indominus knocked the vehicle aside and ate him as a horrified Owen watched from underneath a crane nearby.



  • Despite being indirectly responsible for the dinosaur's escape, Nick was never blamed by Owen, or anyone. He is similar to Dennis Nedry in that he is an overweight man who causes the entire problem, but unlike Nedry he is not a bad person, just clumsy, which is probably why nobody in the movie blames him.*His name comes from the video game LEGO Jurassic World, where he is a playable character and presented as being more competent and of great help to Owen.
  • He is apparently Catholic as he kisses a crucifix before getting killed.

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