You shall die here. You and this man can die together!
~ Supra

Supra is the Ultimate God of the Amethyst World world which is the 9th Star the group visits. She has two different appearances, one where she appears to look like semi-human like a naga or a mermaid and a human form.

Appearance and Personality

Supra is a woman with a fairly large bust similar to that of Chou-Chou in her Sadist form. She had gold, feral eyes and short, teal hair. There are marks on her arms that look like violet lightning bolts. In her theme of Pisces the Fish, she wears a vest that reveals her underbreast and has a pair of shark fins on the back. The cap and collar she wears resemble a pair of shark's teeth. She also has fins for ears. She also wears long, finger-less gloves. On one of these is a fishing reel with a hook in the shape of the Pisces symbol on the end. In her initial form the lower half of her body is similar to that of a naga monster. In her human form she has a pair of legs. In this form she wears a pair of really short shorts, a garter belt, an unusual pair of stockings and a pair of boots that look like fins.

Personality wise, She has a very violent tendency to kill everything in sight, but only when she is embarrassed about something.


  • The hook at the end of Supra's fishing line is shaped like the Pisces symbol.
  • The design of Supra's "ears" are similar to Vaporeon of the Pokemon Franchise.
  • Her types of ears are common in mermaids. Reverie Reverie from the original Record of Agarest War which was an older Compile Heart game with lots of similarities, also has these kind of ears.

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