Surak is a recurring character in in the third season of The Lion Guard.


Surak is a helpful and friendly male lion. He is stoic and sensible, wanting to think things through. He loves his family and supports them. However, Surak shows he is not completely made of stone, as he was deeply saddened by his mother's passing.


The Tree of Life

When Bunga causes a rockslide in the mountain pass (due to his obsession of honey), Rani, Surak, and the rest of the Night Pride thought that they were a threat. After Kion uses the Roar of the Elders  on Baliyo, Rani forbids him and his friends from entering the Tree of Life. But after speaking with Queen Janna and the spirits of her parents, Rani agrees to welcome the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life. After finding the Guard, the Night Pride notices that they cleared the path. Kion apologizes for using the Roar and about the rockslide and humbly asks for Ono to be healed. Rani accepts Kion's apology and leads them to the Tree of Life just as Kion keeps his promise not to attack Baliyo anymore. Afterwards, Rani soon welcomes them to the Tree of Life.

The River of Patience

Surak is seen along the rest of the Night Pride just as Rani brings the Lion Guard inside the Tree of Life to speak with her grandmother Janna to which she asks Nirmala  to help heal Kion's scar. While Kion is getting healed, Janna asks Rani to show the rest of the Guard around the Tree of Life. Later, Surak and the rest of the Night Pride soon fight against Makucha, Chuluun and Ora. The Lion Guard comes to help, to which Rani didn't want their help and asks them to leave as soon as possible. Later, Makucha and the others come back again and the Night Pride fights them. During the battle, Baliyo gets bitten by Ora, making him unable to fight. Surak, Rani, and the rest of the Pride were able to drive off the predators away from the Tree just as Baliyo is getting healed due to Nirmala saying the venom from the Komodo dragon that attacked Baliyo will wear off eventually.

Little Old Ginterbong

When Mama Binturong pretends to be "attacked" by Makucha's Army, Surak and the rest of the Night Pride stop them and welcomes her into the Tree of Life. Later, Mama Binturong tells Makucha and his henchmen the Night Pride to overthrow Janna in an attempt to eat the rare animals just as the villains sneak into the Tree. Afterwards, Mama Binturong attacks Bunga and Binga just as Surak and the Night Pride notice the ambush. Ullu then warns that Mama Binturong has tricked the Night Pride to which Bunga and Binga were able to use their stench ability to defeat her.

Poa the Destroyer

Surak is gathered at the Tree of Life with the Night Pride and the Lion Guard to discuss about Beshte's bad reputation with the tundra animals to which Pinguino, the lead penguin, then apologizes to Beshte for being rude to him along with the other tundra animals.

Long Live the Queen

Surak, the Lion Guard and the rest of the Night Pride fight against Makucha's Army and saving a tigress and her three cubs to which they are able to drive them away. Ullu soon comes and says that Queen Janna asks to see Kion and the Night Pride. As the Night Pride and Kion arrive at the Tree of Life, Nirmala explains that Queen Janna's time has come. Soon, as Queen Janna dies of old age after telling Rani that the Night Pride will help Rani protect the Tree in the future, Surak, Kion, the Night Pride, and the rest of the animals mourn for her death. Surak does his best to remain strong as he and his family mourn the death of their matriarch, but soon begins crying himself as Baliyo collapses on his shoulder in heartbreak. Surak and the other animals then attend Janna's funeral at the Willows where they give their condolences. Afterwards, Rani becomes the new queen of the Tree just as Surak cheers for his niece as the new ruler; afterwards, Rani walks to Janna's grave telling her she is ready to be queen.

The Lake of Reflection

Makcuha's Army comes back to attack the animals at the Tree of Life, to which an exhausted Night Pride arrives just as Baliyo is feeling tired. The Guard then arrives for help to work together to which Kion and Rani's dual leadership caused confusion to the Pride. The groups eventually fend off the villains. Afterwards, Kion offers to work as a patrolling Lion to protect the Tree during the day while telling the Night Pride to work at night so that the lion pride can rest. Mama Binturong, unbeknownst to the group, spies on the conversation. When Ullu warns the Lion Guard and the Night Pride about Makucha's army ambushing the Tree, the two groups fend off the villains.

Triumph of the Roar

When Makucha's army arrives at the Tree of Life with Ullu asleep (due to her being a nocturnal owl), Surak and the Night Pride plan to confront them only for the Lion Guard to help them defeat them. When Ullu warns the Night Pride about the ambush, they rush to the Tree of Life to warn Rani about this only for them to be trapped by a giant rock blocking the Tree (caused by Ora and the Komodo dragons) just as the army attacks the animals of the Tree of Life. After mastering the roar, Kion, Bunga, and Rani arrive to stop them. Kion uses the Roar to defeat Makucha and the rest of his army and destroy the rock blocking the Tree to rescue the Night Pride.

Return to the Pride Lands

After letting go of the Roar and handing it over to the new Lion Guard's leader Vitani, ( which grants him full mastery of the Roar in the process) Kion asks the Guard if they would like to switch to being protectors of the Tree of Life. They all agree and head back to the tree. With all of Kion's family and friends watching him, Kion becomes Rani's new king.


  • Though Surak is the uncle of Baliyo and Rani, they never call him "Uncle Surak."
  • Surak is a foil to Scar. Unlike him, Surak is a loving and supportive uncle to Rani and Baliyo (and quite possibly had a healthy sibling relationship with his late older brother, Sãhasí). He harbors no hateful envy towards Rani for her role as the next ruler of the Tree of Life as well as no desire for the title himself, content with his role in the Circle of Life.
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