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Susan Evans is the deuteragonist of the 1993 psychological thriller film The Good Son. She is the paternal aunt of Mark Evans and the mother of the adversary, Henry Evans. She is portrayed by Wendy Crewson.


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Susan is first seen greeting Mark, her nephew.

After Mark tells her about Henry causing Connie to fall through thin ice, Susan slaps the former, dismissing him as lying. However, she does get suspicious of Henry killing his little brother Richard when he finds the rubber ducky in his shed. She questions this.

Much later, when her husband, Wallace, locks Mark in his study to await Dr. Davenport, Susan goes on a walk with Henry and questions Richard's death. She is then tricked into thinking Henry jumped off the cliff (because he thinks she wants to send him to a reformatory), but actually, he didn't, and he shoves her off the cliff, but she holds on. As Henry is about to try and kill her, Mark, having broken out of Wallace's study, stops him and saves her. As the boys are fighting, Susan tries climbing up the cliff. She doesn't get there until both of them roll off the cliff. Susan tries pulling them off, wanting them both to be saved. However, since each boy required both hands, she had to make a decision which boy to release to his death. Reflecting that Mark was only trying to help the family, whereas Henry was trying to kill her, but knowing Henry is her son while Mark isn't, and with Mark's grip slipping because of her bloody hand, she makes the difficult decision to let Henry go in order to rescue Mark.


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