Susan Matthews

Susan Mathews is a supporting character in the Spawn comics and was Marc Rosen's girlfriend.


Susan worked at a local diner called Ben's and was the girlfriend of Marc Rosen. She was very supportive of Marc as he tried to unravel the threads of the St. Anothey's Hostpiral on fire.

After Marc's research led him to Jim Dowing, he eventually became Jim's. Susan continued to assist Marc as much as she could, although she began to feel more and more neglected as Marc's attention was on Jim.

Finally when Susan was feeling most rejected from Marc, she decided to seduce Jim without Marc's knowledge. What started as a fling, however, quickly turned into something of an obsession for Susan. She found herself consumed with thought about Jim - even as he rejected her outright and said that their fling was a mistake.

Sewing the seeds of discontent, the Violator posed as a customer at the diner one day and struck up a conversation with Susan about love, longing and not being able to be with the one you love.

Unable to cope with her depression, Susan committed sucide in her bathtup by slitting her own wrists. The Violator quickly found her, his plan having worked perfectly, and instructed Hel to occupy Susan's corpse as her new vessel. From then on, Hel posed as Susan so as to stay close to Jim Downing - no one knew that Susan was actually dead.Until Al Simmons returns and destroys Hel in Susan's body in front of Marc Al explains that Susan was kileld and that demons used her body.

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