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Suzi X was an adventurer and the sister to El Superbeasto. Her traveling companion was a libidinous robot named Murray, who also provided Suzi transportation whenever she required it. Armed with every firearm imaginable, she blazed through ranks of zombie Nazi soldiers led by Hans Wolfburger. Suzi X raided a Nazi laboratory containing the preserved head of Adolf Hitler. She later assisted El Superbeasto in his battle against Dr. Satan.

She is voiced by Sheri Moon-Zombie.


Suzi is an Caucasian woman with long luscious blonde hair and eye patch over her right eye. Wears a blue cat suit and an other outfit that was made up a thong, boots, gloves, and a top.

Powers and abilities

Suzi X is very agile, strong and has good aim. Likewise, she is quite at firearms, bombs, and her motorcycle (which she named Murray). She trained herself to become stronger, as she could defeat multiple opponents.


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