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Suzie Bingham is a recurring character in the Netflix series Stranger Things. She's Dustin Henderson's girlfriend who lives in Utah.

She was portrayed by Gabriella Pizzolo.


Season 3

Suzie plays a major role in season 3. She is mentioned several times by Dustin who unsuccessfully tries to convince his friends that she is his girlfriend. They all hike in the countryside for Dustin to contact Suzie with his "Cerebro" radar. Unfortunately, she does not answer and all the friends leave in the evening, believing Suzie doesn't exist.

In the last episode, Dustin successfully contacts Suzie who is happy to hear from him. Stressed out, he asks her for Plunck's constant, but Suzie refuses because he hasn't spoken to her in a week and asks him to sing. Uncomfortable, Dustin complies and he and Suzie sing together, to the embarrassment of the other characters who are bugged. Satisfied, she gives Plunck's constant and Joyce and Hopper unlock the safe to take the keys.

Season 4


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