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Everything you said is absolutely right. I really was a coward. But that doesn’t matter anymore. I’m done with trying to protect myself. Ever since I saw that dream in Haltina’s labyrinth, I realized I’d been running away from what really mattered.
~ Suzu to her doppelganger.
I won’t lose. Haaah... Haaah... I’ll never lose! No matter what happens, no matter what anyone tells me! I’m going to get through this and talk to Eri again!
~ Suzu when defeating her doppelganger.
Me too, Nagumo-kun, I want to be stronger, so that I can talk to Eri again!
~ Suzu when she wants to join Hajime.

Suzu Taniguchi is one of the major characters of Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest. She is a close friend of Shizuku Yaegashi, Kaori Shirasaki and later Tio Klarus. She became Ryutarou Sakagami's girlfriend ever since they first met. She was the (falsely) best friend of Eri Nakamura (who later became her archenemy) before her betrayal and revealed by Eri they were never friends from the start. She is one of Ehit's former (fake) chosen heroes until she learned she was an imposter when Aiko-sensei and Princess Liliana revealed the false god's true nature because of Hajime Nagumo.

Following the demon invasion after Eri's betrayal and Hiyama's death, she (along with Ryutarou Sakagami, Shizuku Yaegashi and Kouki Amanogawa) travel with Hajime Nagumo and his party to clear labyrinths and kill Ehit hoping to become friends with Eri Nakamura again despite of her betrayal and realizing they weren't friends due to her obsession for Kouki Amanogawa.

She is voiced by Ayasa Itō in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Dani Chambers in the English version of the anime.


Suzu is rather a mood maker. She change mood those who were angry to become kind. Her begging are strong enough to have Hajime to given her and their classmates chances to clear the labyrinths and destroy Ehit with his might as well gave her the iron twin fans to replace her now destroyed magical bracelets. However, her mood making wasn't strong enough for her ex-best friend, Eri to find resolves after when she exploded herself when Suzu defeated Eri.

Despite of her happiness for her friends, Eri's betrayal has deeply devastated Suzu's emotions where she become sad and anguished when realizing she and Eri were never best friends to begin with due to Eri's obsession for Kouki Amanogawa and attempted to kill her and the rest of their classmates. After Eri's treachery, she wanted to do everything she could become best friends again like before (which was reveal to be a lie by Eri) when she wanted to become stronger and join Hajime and his harem to talk with Eri. Even when confronting her doppelganger that considered Suzu to be weak and a coward, but she managed to overcome her trial.

Like Tio Klarus, Suzu is also a carefree pervert when she is so perverted to her female classmates such as Kaori and Shizuku.

She also has name gags to give people nicknames such as Hajime as Hajihaji, Kaori as Kaorin, Shizuku Yaegashi as Shizushizu, Ryutarou as Ryu-kun, Shea Haulia as Sheashea and Eri as Eririn.

Like many of her classmates, Suzu is also terrified of Hajime and both of his monstrous strength and ruthlessness. She taken his murder warning seriously ever since he murdered the traitorous fool, Daisuke Hiyama. More than her fears for Hajime, she admitted that she's a coward always running away from her enemies ever since Eri's betrayal.


Ryutarou Sakagami

Suzu is Ryutarou's future girlfriend during and before they are transported to the other world. They have good relationship. Ryutarou isn't jealous of Hajime of giving Suzu a pair of twin iron fans but rather give appreciation. After returning to Japan, Ryutaro confesses his feelings to suzu, by asking her to go with him back to tortus and live together.

Hajime Nagumo

Um, Nagumo-kun? When you get to go back to Japan... I want you to bring Eri back with you!
~ Suzu pleading Hajime of Eri.

It is unknown of their relationship, Suzu decided to follow Kaori's beliefs of Hajime's survival which came true that he is alive but sadly became a monster when murdered Cattleya. Like most of her classmates, Suzu takes Hajime's warning seriously when she let Kaori to tag along with him. She shown in fears when Hajime murdered Hiyama. When Hajime told his classmates he will never rejoin them anymore just to suit Kouki Amanogawa's delusions, Suzu (along with Shizuku and Ryutarou) was able to convince Hajime to give them another chance to clear the remaining labyrinths and destroy Ehit once and all as well for Suzu hoping she could become friends with Eri again (though their previous friendship was a ruse).

Unlike Kouki Amanogawa who is daft and was forced to take orders from Hajime, Suzu has no objections when she will to do when Hajime ordering her without questions if it would mean she wants to get stronger to talk to Eri and destroy Ehit.

When adding newly enhancements to weapons and armors, Suzu attempted to have her bracelets to be enhanced until they were destroyed. Following her bracelets' failure, Hajime gave her a pair of twin iron fans. When tested their power, Suzu hold a eternal gratitude for Hajime. When Suzu asked Hajime of giving redemption for Eri, he obliged but will kill her if she refused redeem herself. After destroyed Ehit and returned to Japan, Suzu was the one of gives the nickname to Hajime as the "God Slaying Demon King".

Kaori Shirasaki

Kaori is Suzu's close friend. Kaori gets annoyed of Suzu's perversion. She has no objects of letting her travel with Hajime in his quests but telling her that they will meet again sometimes.

Shizuku Yaegashi

Shizuku is Suzu's close friend. Shizuku got annoyed by Suzu's perversion and reminded Tio of Suzu.

Kouki Amanogawa

Kouki is Suzu's classmate. She got bothered by his empty idealism and delusional prides.

Tio Klarus

Suzu and Tio are close friends when having the same perversions.


Eri Nakamura

Suzu during Eri's death

Eri was once Suzu's best friend since elementary school. However, Eri is actually pretended to be best friends with Suzu as she considered her as a pawn like the rest of their classmates. Eri, in fact, never considered Suzu as her best friend to begin with as she is willing to kill her and the rest of their classmates to get Kouki to become her boyfriend which failed due to Hajime's interference. When she defected to Garland, Suzu wanted to get stronger to give resolves for Eri by joining Hajime and his party. After defeating Eri, Suzu attempted Eri to find resolves to return her and the others in exchange they would forgive her until Eri rather committed suicide by exploded herself but failed to kill Suzu.

Daisuke Hiyama

Like many of her classmates, Suzu hates Hiyama and his gang for their selfishness lust for Kaori and bullying Hajime from the past. Like her boyfriend, Ryutarou, Eri will never forgive Hiyama despite shown her fear of Hajime after he murdered Hiyama. After Hajime revealed Hiyama's true color where his fall was never an accident, Suzu hold a resentment memories of Hiyama as a creep from school and a selfish, deluded traitor on Tortus.


Suzu once respected for Ehit. However, when Aiko and Liliana revealed Ehit as a evil "god", Suzu abandoned her respects for the fake gods and sided with Hajime. She begged Hajime to give chance of joining him destroy the fake gods.