Sven Vollfied is the deuteragonist of the anime Black Cat.

He is voiced by the late Keiji Fujiwara in the Japanese version, and by Brandon Potter in the English Version.


Sven follows a strict code of chivalry; he is always respectful to women and children unless either appear to be dangerous towards others. He tends to also act very proper. He is often irritated by Train Heartnet's capricious personality and is usually dragged into trouble and even more debt because of Train's attitude and habits. Throughout the series, he tends to get severely wounded but never backs down from his task or his code.

He is also noted for being a creative thinker and always calm even in the most dangerous of circumstances.


Before becoming a sweeper, he was an agent for the International Bureau of Investigation, along with his partner, Lloyd Goldwynne, who was a clairvoyant. After being attacked by members of a crime family, Sven loses his right eye and Lloyd sacrifices himself to save Sven. A week before his death, Lloyd registered as an organ donor. The night he died, Sven received the vision eye.

Abilities and Powers

Inventor: Sven is skilled in inventing and making innovative weapons and other various equipment, including bombs and special bullets for Train.

Vision Eye: A transplanted eye from his partner Lloyd, who was a clairvoyant. The Vision Eye gives Sven the ability to see a few seconds into the future and allows him to dodge attacks easily. However, since the eye is not naturally his, using it's power puts a massive strain on Sven's body, so he normally keeps it under an eye patch. Sven's eye does not have the ability to see Creed's Imagine Blade, but that is due mainly to the fact that he "wasn't concentrating due to the sword's confusing movements", he later evolves it, through intense training, into the Glasper Eye.

Marksmanship: He is known for having incredible accuracy with firearms, only rivaled by Train's own skills. He often uses his suitcase invention, but also uses a regular pistol, usually to no avail when it strikes his opponent.


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