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"The pure white, healing étoile! DekaSwan!"

Cignian Swan Shiratori (白鳥スワン Shiratori Suwan) (also known as DekaSwan (デカスワン Dekasuwan) (36, 50) of the S.P.D. and Dekarangers.. She is nicknamed "Swan-san" (スワンさん Suwan-san) and is known as "The Immaculate Healing Star".



She is Kruger's assistant from the Planet Cigno, though Swan herself is half human. She's the one who provides the Dekarangers with their arsenal, and constantly amazes the others with her amazing intellect.


SPD Mecha

  • DekaSwan had a small space-shuttle mecha called the Emergency Escape Pod that did not combine with the other Dekarangers
  • While she didn't pilot the Blast Buggy her orange hexagonal emblem was emblazoned on the back to the mecha's cockpit


  • Swan License
  • Swan Illusion
  • Swan Rainbow

See also

  • Kat Manx, her Power Rangers counterpart from SPD
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