Swanky Kong

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Swanky Kong is a member of the Kong Family who enjoys hosting game shows to help his clan.


He resembles Donkey Kong but without the tie and is always clothed.

In DKC2 and the GBA version of DKC3, he wears a typical game show host attire while in the original DKC3, he wears a ring master outfit.


As a game show host Swanky plays fair and helps his clan win prizes. He hates the Kremlings and wont rest till they are stopped.

Donkey Kong country 2

He first appears in Swankys bonus Bozana. He hosts game shows for Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong to try out. He awards them prises if they win.

Donkey Kong Country 3

In the original game, he hosts a target game where he challenges Cranky and either Dixie or Kiddy Kong to hit as set number of targets.

In the GBA version, he disallows Kiddie from trying the virtual reality system as he is too young for it.

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