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Sweet Pea is one of main heroines and the narrator of the Zack Synder's 2011 film, Sucker Punch.

She is portrayed by Abbie Cornish.

Personality and Physical Appareance

Sweet Pea is a bit bossy and controlling yet loves than anything her little sister Rocket whom she hardly protects. A strong, imposing warrior, she is prepared to sacrifice herself for the safety of others.

She is a beautiful young woman in her midly twenties with long and smooth strawberry blonde hair. She also has green eyes and distinctive mose features. She shares a slight ressemblance to Rocket.


Sweet Pea is Rocket's older sister. She followed Rocket when she ran away from home and ended up at Lennox House. In the end she was the only one who managed to escape. Thanks to Babydoll's plan, Sweet Pea is able to board a bus at the Brattleboro bus station driven by an incarnation of the Wise Man, who protects her from some suspicious state troopers. She then embarks on the road home.

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