Sweetpea the secret life of pets

Sweet Pea is a Budgie parakeet that appears as a supporting character of the movie The Secret Life of Pets and one of the six tetartagonists (alongside Hu, Rooster, Mel, Buddy, and Norman) of The Secret Life of Pets 2.


Sweet Pea is one of the neighbors of Max. After her owner leaves, she opens het cage, activates a fan and television, and flies with aeroplanes in a console game. Later, she appears in Max's Apartment and she fools Chloe by a laser projector.

After Max and Duke are gone, Gidget gathers her neighbors for discussing what they can do, including Sweet Pea. She pecks a glass bowl Chloe is at, by the time she is seemingly indifferent to Max's missing. Tiberius' sudden appearance horrifies all pets except Gidget, and Sweet Pea hides behind a bottle of air freshener and then Chloe's bowl after Mel hits the table with fear. At last, Sweet Pea agrees to join her neighbors to find Max.

Pops brings the pets to a cherry picker outside a building; Chloe is too clumsy to jump down, so Sweet Pea pecks her hanging feet. In the way to the sewer, Tiberius catches one of the pigeons, who carry the pets to another apartment; Sweet Pea chirps at Tiberius, so he lets the pigeon go. Later, Gidget encourages her neighbors after they are almost caught by The Flushed Pets, she claims that they are "dogs", Chloe says "cat", Tiberius says "hawk" and Sweet Pea chirps, so Gidget says they are all dogs at that day.


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