Sweetie Bird is a young, pink, female canary who is a supporting character and anti-hero in Tiny Toon Adventures. She is voiced by Candi Milo.


Abandoned as egg, Sweetie grew up tough on the inside and tender on the outside. Sweetie's personality tends towards behaving an amiable manner, but is prone to mischevous streak when dealing with her main enemy and long-time pursuer, Furrball. Completely sweet, yet totally diabolical, our sleepy-eyed baby hatchling is somewhat of Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde. As the cutest thing on two wings, Sweetie plays her "sweet routine".

Heroic Acts

  • She tried to stop Wex Wuthor (Montana Max) with other superheroes as Pink Canary (parody of Black Canary) in Just-Us League of Supertoons.
  • She eats Tad (Hamton's evil imaginary friend) in A Pigment of His Imagination.
  • She helps Plucky and Hamton by making the captain of the ship toss two quarters on their ship.

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