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Swift Wind (also known as Spirit and Horsey) is a winged unicorn and She-Ra (Princess Adora)'s noble steed.


Swift Wind is the winged unicorn of She-Ra. He is the transformed form of Adora's horse, Spirit, who was given to her when she was a member of the Horde. When Adora transforms into She-Ra and defects from the Horde, she jumps down on Spirit's back, and tells the horse to run to The Whispering Woods. As she does, the horse is suddenly surrounded by an energy field of the same enchantment that transformed Adora into She-Ra and is magically transformed into a majestic winged unicorn. Every time after this, however, Spirit can only be transformed into Swift Wind after Adora transforms into She-Ra first; an energy beam from the stone in the center of Adora's sword is shot at Spirit.

Spirit also possesses the power of speech and human-level intelligence. Although just an ordinary horse, Spirit is shown to be no soft touch, and is able to overturn a Horde Trooper's vehicle.



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