Aw, man!
~ Swiper the Fox

Swiper the Fox is the former main antagonist of the children TV Show Dora The Explorer, the deuteragonist of Dora's World Adventure and the main protagonist of Dora's Dance to the Rescue, always trying to steal things from Boots and Dora, but in some episode he show that he also has soft and friendly side, like in the episode who's birthday is it, he celebrated his birthday with the other character same if his age is never revealed it seem that he might be in his teenage or adult year.

In Dora's World Adventure, Swiper also help Dora to gave back the friendship bracelets, and help the other characters to stop their own antagonists who shared the same similarities has Swiper, In Swiper explorer he decided to help Dora and Boots to return the baby fox with who he became friend to his parents. In Bark Bark To Play Park He show that he also an animal lover has it was revealed to be the owner one of the two twin puppies.

In Dora saves the mermaids movie, Swiper assists Dora, Diego and Boots to clean up the disastrous trash all over mermaid kingdom


Swiper is sneaky and rude, but it seem that he also has a friendly side has he help the protagonist in their adventures, he might love steal things, but he also show that he care for other and he also an animal caring lover, he shows that he can be very friendly and nice when the other character give him a chance.


  • "What's this?! You lost your teddy bear? (Dora: Yeah... I can't find him anywhere.) I didn't swipe him. (Dora: I know. He's lost.) Well, I hope you'll find him. (Dora: Me too!)" - Swiper discovering what Dora lost.
  • "This present is for Santa? Oh man...."- Swiper after giving Santa's present back in "A Present for Santa."


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