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The Swords of Sanghelios were formed from the Covenant Separatists. Arbiter Thel 'Vadam, formed a new governement for the Sangheili after the Covenant was defeated. During the Blooding Years they fought against other newly formed Sangheili factions.



The original Swords of Sanghelios was formed in the time before the Covenant Empire. After overthrowing a tyranical Arbiter who served as the Judge-King of Qivro, the Swords of Sanghelios Government was established. It was eroded as time passed by, being replaced by the governance of the Sangheili Council of City States, and later the Covenant Empire.


After the Swords of Sanghelios were restored following the end of the Human-Covenant war, several other new Sangheili factions with different ideologies were formed too. The Servants of the Abiding Truth and Jul 'Mdama's faction opposed the Swords of Sanghelios leading to the Blooding Years.


  • Thel' Vadam
  • Rtas 'Vadum
  • N'tho 'Sraom
  • Usze 'Taham
  • Tul 'Juran
  • Kola 'Baoth
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