Sylphie, also referred to as Mirabella in North American version of Sega Genesis, is a character in Forgotten Worlds (Lost Worlds in Japan), the classic Capcom 1988 arcade shoot 'em up video game. She is the girl praising the victory over the evil emperor Bios' hands once the world is saved at the end of the game. Also, she first appeared as a non-playable character and her role in the store throughout the game is the shopkeeper to sell the Unknown Soldiers different weapons, armor, items and information for a cost of monetary currency called Zenny, which is featured in many Capcom games like Mega Man and Breath of Fire series. Outside of Forgotten Worlds, she later made her appearances in 2 Capcom crossover games: Namco X Capcom as both ally and shopkeeper and Project X Zone 2 as event-only character once again.


Forgotten Worlds

Sylphie appears as a weapons dealer who is responsible for selling armors and other items to the anonymous space marines in exchange for Zenny and hinting them how to defeat the end bosses of the respective stages in the game. Her shop can be located in each stage. If one of the duo got in, then he has a limited amount of time to buy important goods for achieving the heroic goals against Bios and its evil army.

Namco X Capcom

In this crossover entry, along with the two anonymous soldiers, Sylphie serves her 2 roles: shopkeeper and ally. She joined forces with Reiji, Xianmu and the heroic allies of both Namco and Capcom dimensions to fight evil while taking the time to do their job in her shrewd way though. In combat, she has a tactical set of moves lifted from Capcom video games like Pirate Ship Higemaru and Alien vs. Predator, the arcade-exclusive title.


  • Actually, Sylphie bows to the audience when her item shop is entered in the Japanese version of the game and greets the Unknown Soldiers with vocals. But in international version, she is being silent and doesn't move.


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