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Get out of here, Dog lover! I HATE YOU!!!!
~ Sylvester when he kicks Gibbyson out of the house

Sylvester, also known as Sylvester the Talking Kitty Cat or just Talking Kitty, is the anti-heroic main protagonist of SteveCash83’s popular series also called Talking Kitty. He is also the reincarnation of Rufus.

He was voiced by the late Steve Cash, who also voiced Gibson.


Sylvester has been in every single episode of the Talking Kitty Cat series. Sylvester also made a guest appearance on 4Steves (another popular series on SteveCash83’s channel). He has an extremely bad addiction with catnip. Even though at first glance he seems like a truly malicious and evil cat, Sylvester has in the past shown he has some compassion for his family by helping out at times, despite the fact it's all hidden too well by his almost unapproachable nature. Sylvester's first owner was Todd but only lived with him while he was a kitten, until he theoretically disappeared and then Steve Cash adopted him. He lives with Gibson (which he doesn't anymore because he died from a kidney, bladder, or urinal infection), Shelby, Random Kitty, Gibbyson and GG, which he has pure hatred towards all of them and is planning to get rid of GG, Gibbyson, Random Kitty, and Shelby who he possibly got rid of (but failed as he was forced to give out his secret in exchange for catnip). But he sent Shelby back to the old house which they got kicked from because that was a rental. He is an old cat who is currently 12 years old. Born October 31, 2007. His first appearance was "The Mean(er) Kitty Song" by Steve Cash.


Sylvester is an adult sized pure black shorthair. He has large canines unlike many cats that are visible even when his mouth is closed. He currently has one tooth busted out after trying to convince Steve to give him a ton of wet food.


Sylvester Cash is egotistical, sadistic, sarcastic, obnoxious and a liar. He only likes Wet Food and hates Dry food. He gets Catnip every year for his Birthday and Christmas. In the Pilot Episode Talking Kitty Cat #1 - Wake Up Kitty, Steve is wanting him to get up.He refuses to, until he bribes him with some tuna fish.

First Talking Kitty Cat appearances

As mentioned above, His First Appearance in the Series was the pilot episode "Talking Kitty Cat #1 - Wake Up Kitty!" his second being "Talking Kitty Cat #2 - Wake Up, and meet the new dog!" in this episode, He is sleeping again, when Steve tells him to wake up, he tells Sylvester that he recently got Shelby, but He was not happy about it although he was still asleep. It was not a joke to get Sylvester angry.

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