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T'Pol was a Vulcan female featured in Star Trek: Enterprise. She was portrayed by Jolene Blalock.


T'Pol was born on Vulcan in 2088, a couple decades after official first contact with the humans. Her Grandmother T'Mir was one of the first Vulcans to encounter humans when she visited Earth in the 1950s.

In 2130 T'Pol was trained as a security officer, but had a great deal of difficulty dealing with the fact that she had to take a life during her service to Vulcan security. She joined the Vulcan science directorate in 2136. In 2149 she became an aide to Ambassador Soval on Earth.

Two years later she was assigned to the Enterprise (NX-01) as an observer for the Vulcan High Command. Initially somewhat hostile to Captain Jonathan Archer and the rest of the crew, she began to adapt to living and working with the human crew. She broke all records for the length of time a Vulcan spent on a human starship. She became particularly close to Charles "Trip" Tucker. When Vulcan declined to have her join Archer in pursuit of the Xindi T'Pol resigned and joined the Earth Starfleet.

She became addicted to Trellium-D during the pursuit of the Xindi, but overcame her addiction with the help of Phlox and Trip.

T'Pol remained on the Enterprise following the resolution of the Xindi crisis. The next year she would prove instrumental in ending the rule of the Romulan backed Administrator V'Las and beginning of a Vulcan reformation back to something closer to what Surak had envisioned. She continued service on the Enterprise throughout the Earth-Romulan war of 2156-2160.

After the founding of the United Federation of Planets T'Pol was promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Endeavour (NCC-06), a Columbia-class ship that had originally been an NX-class ship like the Enterprise.

By the 2180s T'Pol had left Starfleet service and was serving the Federation as an Ambassador. Trip returned to Vulcan and had two children with her - although publicly the children were presented as being the children of her and her former husband Kos.


  • The producers of Enterprise originally intended for a younger version of T'Pau to play the role of first officer. This was later changed and a new character named T'Pol was introduced. The younger T'Pau appeared in the fourth season of Enterprise.