Ténébris is one of the 6 main characters in the comic series The Legendary with Danaël, JadinaGryfenferShimy and Razzia . She was a Jadina's half sister and member of the vigilante group The Legendaries although she was originally one of the main opponents of the group.


Ténébris is cruel at the beginning of the series, which she seems to take from her father. She seems to have a good time watching people suffer. She has softened after joining the Legendaries, but she remains a little lonely. She often thinks about her dark past, she thinks she's just a witch who only thinks about killing, but Razzia, the man she loves, is always there to reassure her. She considers Razzia as her part of the light, which is why she wants to stay with him. Nevertheless, she thinks she has committed too many crimes in the past to really be part of the Legendaries. She is still as supportive as the other legends. She loves Razzia and loves Jadina (her half-sister).


Ténébris is a very competent fighter, capable of destroying two Danaël (very qualified swordsmen) at the same time, and of knocking out a whole garrison of Kalandre's faithful. Its magic bracelets allow it in a limited way to absorb any type of magic and then to send them back. They also act as a grapple.


  • Ténébris was supposed to be born with blue-grey eyes, dark skin and blond hair, but because of Darkhell's magic, she is different.
  • Her father always told her that her mother died giving birth to her.
  • Raptor the Green Shade was in love with her, a non-reciprocal love.
  • Tenebris is derived from Italian Tenebrae, which means 'darkness'.
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