Thunder Hawk, also known as T. Hawk, is one of the heroes from Street Fighter video game series.


Thunder Hawk is the greatest warrior of the proud Thunderfoot tribe, who lives in Mexico near the plains of Monte Albán in Mexico. When he was a baby, the Thunderfoot tribe was forcibly evicted from their land by Shadaloo. Some tribe members resisted and fought against Shadaloo, but many were killed. T. Hawk's father, Arroyo Hawk, who is killed by M. Bison. After learning about Shadaloo, T. Hawk vowed to retaliate against Bison and take back the land he had taken from his people. Many tribe members have also disappeared, T. Hawk is responsible for finding them.

T. Hawk participated in the second World Warrior tournament, vying for Julia, regaining the land of his people and winning their tyranny. He later learned that one of them and his beloved Julia, became Juli, which is one of Bison's brainwashing dolls. So T. Hawk did not win the tournament, but was able to take back his land. However, it was desolate and empty. T. Hawk vowed to make his land as great a before and take the Thunderbirds home.

Thunderfoot tribe and their land began to recover from Shadaloo's damage, even though it has not yet reached its former glory. Therefore, and the fact that he could not save Juli, T. Hawk thinks he is not worthy of being the next chief of the Thunderfoot tribe. He decided to enter the next tournament of S.I.N. to continue his atonement. Along the way, he met El Fuerte who had fought with him before. The two have a game to solve their old competition. But later on, T. Hawk met Rose, who told him where Julia was, but warned him that she was only her previous shell. Hawk later found Julia in the hut in the wilderness - however, her mental state was difficult, she did not seem to recognize him, not even noticed his existence.



  • He holds the near decimation of his tribe, and the death of his father Arroyo Hawk, to Bison.


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