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Oopise Doodle!
~ Taco-Man's Catchpharse
Holy cow! You actually caught all the lechers and saved me too!
~ Taco-Man to the Player in his version of Night Trap (If you saved him in the Best Ending)

Taco-Man is the main character in his own web series that has his named on them, like Taco-Man: The Game Master and Taco-Man Plays a Video Game. At times he doesn't really has good interaction with his creator Sam T. He is also known as the main antagonist in Taco-Man Safety Tips and has done some other misdeeds.


He is a dark yellow Taco, with meat as his hair. He also wears red gloves and red shoes. Including the fact he has comma looking pupils in his eyes.


He is seen at sometimes to be a bit of a jerk, to fair they're been bigger jerks than him in the franchise. Sometimes he would do some drinking as seen in a few episodes.

Heroic Acts

  • Taco-Man: The Game Master (Series): He mainly saves video game characters from video game villains.
  • Night Trap (Taco-Man version): He takes the Role as an Undercover Agent and disguise himself as one the girls to find out what has happened to other girls.
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You know... you don't have to scream every time something happens.
~ Taco-Man to Ashley and Megan
Uh-oh, looks like I'm in for another wacky adventure here in Video Game World.
~ Taco-Man to viewers in the third episode of Taco-Man: The Game Master
Did I mention I don't like this game!?
~ Taco-Man when playing Bubsy's first game
Sarah: Talking to someone?

Taco-Man: Yep, I just so happen to be talking a viewer who's in control of this poorly written cartoon and will save me from certain doom.

Sarah: Oh really? Well... what if the viewer wants you DEAD.

Taco-Man: "chuckles" Don't be silly no one wants me dead, OH WAIT.

Sarah: Interesting... Your life is in the hands of a complete stranger... they decide if you live or DIE.

Taco-Man: Well, I'm confident they'll protect me, RIGHT!?

Sarah: I guess we'll find out.

~ Taco-Man and Sarah interacting for the final time before the Player decides to save Taco-Man or let Sarah kill him.




  • Despite him being the Mascot of Samination, his behavior could depend on the episode, this is most likely the case since he's a On & Off hero.
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