And I pledge to you that as Toa of Fire I will do all I can to keep you and our home safe from harm. Remember -- your bravery, your wisdom, your spirit, make you as mighty as any Toa!
~ Tahu to the Ta-Matoran.

Tahu is the main protagonist and is also one of the major protagonists in the BIONICLE series. He was a hot-tempered and reckless but selfless Toa of Fire and the leader of the Toa Mata team tasked of reawakening the Great Spirit Mata Nui. Due to his transformations of his many forms throughout the story, he eventually become the most powerful Toa to date.

In Mask of Light he was voiced by Scott Mcneil, who also voiced Onua in the same movie.

He was also voiced by Nolan Balzer in the animated series.


The Birth of Toa Mata

Art Toa Mata In Canisters

Tahu and the other Toa Mata in their Toa canisters

Tahu and the rest of the Toa Mata were created by the Great Beings in the planet of Spherus Magna. They were then kept in the Toa canisters and were in stasis.

The Toa canisters were supposed to be launched into the Matoran Universe following the events of the Great Cataclysm and land on the island of Mata Nui. The Toa's mission was to proceed through Kini-Nui, descend towards Metru Nui and continue on to awaken the Great Spirit. However, the malfunction caused the canisters to instead stuck in the space. For a thousand years, the canisters floated towards the atmosphere of the Matoran Universe until Takua collected the Toa Stones from Kini-Nui, which unwittingly activated a signal that summoned the canisters to the island.

Quests for the Masks

Tahu Assembling

Tahu assembling himself in the shores of Mata Nui.

Tahu's Toa canister had arrived on the beach in Mata Nui. When Tahu emerged from his canister, he found that some of his mechanical components had separated. He then fused the pieces together and realized that he did not remember who he was or what he was doing there, much to his frustration. Tahu eventually remembered his name and discovered his fire powers. He then wandered into the forest where he was suddenly attacked by the group of Ta-Matoran, led by the captain of the Ta-Koro Guard, Jaller. They captured Tahu in a wooden Rahi trap but Tahu easily burned down the trap with his Fire Sword. The Ta-Matoran were about to attack him but Vakama, the Turaga of Ta-Koro appeared and stop the Ta-Matoran from attacking him. He then tell them that Tahu was a Toa and their protector. Vakama and the Ta-Matoran took Tahu to Ta-Koro, where he told gave Tahu a Kanohi Hau, the Mask of Shielding and told him about the Makuta called Teridax, who had tormented the Matoran for a thousand years. He informed Tahu that the only way to defeat Teridax was to gather the other  five Toa Mata and collect the six Great Kanohi masks hidden throughout the island. After that, Tahu started on his journey to form the Toa Mata and find the masks.
Comic Toa Mata First Encounter

Tahu meets the other five Toa Mata for the first time.

Soon, Tahu met the other five: Gali, Lewa, Pohatu, Onua and Kopaka. They all shared tales of how they arrived in the Matoran Universe, with the exception of the reserved Kopaka. They then began discussing on how they will find the Kanohi masks. Tahu, Gali, Pohatu and Onua agreed that it would be best to search in pairs, while Kopaka and Lewa wanted to work alone.
Animation Tahu and Nui-Jaga

Tahu battling the infected Nui-Jaga in Onu-Wahi.

Later, Jaller finds Tahu and told him the location of the Kanohi Akaku, the Mask of X-Ray Vision, was thought to be in one of the deepest caverns in Onu-Wahi. Tahu and Onua searched through Onu-Wahi and eventually come to a area with a deep pit in the middle and a long bridge stretching across to another ledge where tha mask is. Tahu started across the bridge when two pairs of Nui-Jaga, scorpion-like Rahi attacked him and Onua.


This Fire Toa is full of hot air. Will he be prepared for the heat of battle, or will he burn out quickly?
~ Kopaka's thought about Tahu.
Tahu was very strong and brave but was also the fiercest and the most feared. His ideas sometimes clashed with Kopaka's, however they had a mutual respect for each other. His flaming temper could make him hotheaded and irrational at times. Since he had the least patience of the Toa he would jump into a situation without thinking, which could get him, and the other Toa, into a predicament, however this changed as he matured.

However as Tahu also had a tendency to be very lucky, he always managed to come out on the top. He is also very optimistic and was very determined and courageous.

Powers & Abilities

Tahu is a skillful master of fire. He controls the power of fire and flame as he uses them to shoot out fireballs at his enemies.


Greetings! I am Tahu, Toa of Fire. The prophecy has brought us together under my command.
~ Tahu introduced himself to the other Toa Mata for the first time.


  • Tahu was the only Toa Nuva with only one Kanohi Nuva, as the five others that he collected were destroyed during the destruction of Ta-Koro; his Kanohi Nuva has since been returned into the form of an ordinary Kanohi.
  • Tahu is the only Toa to possess the Rahkshi Powers upon defeating Teridax in Bara Magna as his Golden Armors were likely to have consumed Teridax's Rahkshi powers during the confrontation.
  • So far, Tahu have the most forms (which included his Golden Armor form) throughout the series.
  • Tahu is one of the rare characters in the original Bionicle series that appears in Bionicle's rebooted series 2015-2016, alongside Gali, Lewa, Pohatu, Onua and Kopaka.
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