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C'mon, the princess thing?! That's the oldest one in the book.
~ Tak

Tak is the main protagonist of the Tak and the Power of Juju series. He is one of the children in the Pupanunu Village. He is able to use his magical abilities to fight off enemies, summon Jujus, and a variety of other things. Despite this, he is still a kid, and constantly gets into trouble with his magic.

He is voiced by Jason Marsden during the original video games, and Hal Sparks in the TV Series, and later games.


Starting from the original game, Tak is an kid, with an average height, and the light skin complexion. He has purple face paint around his eyes. He also carried a small case on his back to hold his Weapons. Tak was short, had a bowl cut hairdo, a dark red loincloth, and a pudgy belly.


In a nutshell, Tak is usually determined, generous, brave, and cunning. In Tak 1, he was quite stubborn during his travels. In Tak 2, his personality is slightly more mature and determined. His voice deeper slightly as well. From the first scene in the "Tak's Dream" level, he was resilient on going on the rescue mission, but ultimately decided to do so long after he woke up, saying that he's still the hero even when he doesn't want to.


Tak is a young shaman-in-training who lives in the jungle village of the Pupanunu People under the tutelage of the wise shaman Jibolba. For years, the Pupanunu have lived a peaceful existence thanks to the protection of the Moon Juju (Tina Illman), a powerful tribal goddess and a member of a race of powerful magical spirits called Jujus.

Unfortunately, Tak's home is put in jeopardy by Tlaloc, a nefarious and power-hungry shaman who seeks revenge on the Pupanunu people after losing the coveted position as High Shaman to Jibolba. To achieve his vengeance, Tlaloc steals the moonstones which are the source of the Moon juju's power, using them not only to weaken the Moon Juju but also to turn the villagers (sans Tak and Jibolba) into stupid, helpless sheep.

Fortunately, a prophecy foretold by previous Pupanunu shamans predicts that Tlaloc will be thwarted by a mighty warrior trained by the High Shaman who will save the Moon Juju and bring peace back to the tribe; Jibolba is convinced that the mighty warrior is his other apprentice, Lok. Unfortunately, Lok has seemingly also been turned into a sheep by Tlaloc, forcing Tak to go on a series of quests in order to turn Lok back to normal.