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Hero Overview

I'm glad the Shirai Ryu chose me to join. New places, new faces.
~ Takeda about joining Cassie Cage's team, and specifically laying eyes on Jacqui Briggs
Let's see what's worth learning in there...Ahh! So many minds...trapped inside.
~ Takeda, when he attempts to read Ermac's mind

Takeda Takahashi is a student of Shirai Ryu leader Hanzo Hasashi and the son of Kenshi Takahashi. He is one of the main protagonists in Mortal Kombat X.

He is voiced by Parry Shen, who currently portrays Brad Cooper on the soap opera General Hospital.


Take da is the son of Kenshi and a Thai woman named Suchin. Following his mother's death at the hands of the Red Dragon, Kenshi left Takeda in the care of Scorpion and the new incarnation of the Shirai Ryu, with the child eventually growing up to be a very loyal apprentice to the hellspawn. Takeda had no contact with his father for many years, until the day he was to leave Scorpion's tutelage. Kenshi revealed that he had left Takeda with Scorpion to protect him from his mother's murderers. Despite this revelation - and subsequent reconciliation with Kenshi - Takeda has abandonment issues yet to overcome, which makes working with his father in Johnny Cage's Special Forces team a challenge at times.


Takeda originates from Thailand and is of Asian descent, having black hair and brown eyes. In his youth as depicted in the comic, Takeda wore typical clothing as a child. At the time of apprenticeship, Takeda has shaggy hair and wears ninja garb with a yellow headband. However, his uniform is different from the Shirai Ryu, as he wears a blue shirt instead, and has bandages wrapped around his forearms.

In the game, Takeda wears an armored body suit, primarily a metallic silver in color with streaks of yellow-orange along the legs and hands. He still keeps his headband to represent his connection to the Shirai Ryu, along with a neck warmer. On his arms, he bears modified gauntlets designed to fire his spear tipped, bladed whips in battle. Takeda's alternate costume depicts him in a Shirai Ryu style uniform, similar to Scorpion's own costume, and bearing the clan's yellow color.


There's conflict in your souls. Let's stir the pot a bit.
~ Takeda to Ermac
A chance to fight the idiot twins.
~ Takeda making fun of Ferra & Torr
You're going down, Kano! About six feet down.
~ Takeda to Kano
I never considered you an enemy.
~ Takeda to Kitana
I saw the stink lines rising off of you!
~ Takeda to Kung Lao
This isn't the way, Liu Kang.
~ Takeda to Liu Kang
Crime against nature.
~ Takeda to Mileena
You don't scare me Quan Chi.
~ Takeda to Quan Chi
Try me.
~ Takeda after Reptile calls him a weakling
Father of all evil!
~ Takeda to Shinnok
Shirai Ryu don't fear Lin Kuei.
~ Takeda to Sub-Zero
What's your game Tanya?
~ Takeda to Tanya
Oh, your funny!
~ Takeda after Tremor says he will kill him
Oh, it's on now!
~ Takeda after Triborg call's Scorpion's Shirai Ryu clan pathetic
Sorry, I have a girlfriend.
~ Takeda talking Jacqui after Ferra calls him pretty boy
You kinda suck due!
~ Takeda mid fight
~ Takeda mid fight
Thought you were quicker than that!
~ Takeda between rounds
Outworld can keep you!
~ Takeda mid fight with Erron Black
I'm better at this than you.
~ Takeda mid fight with Ermac
Cold-Blooded freak!
~ Takeda mid fight with Reptile
Let's go, Raiden! He had skill so do I.
~ Takeda wanting to prove to Raiden that he is as great as his father
Call it a career move.
~ Takeda after Johnny Cage is wondering why he wants to fight him
Two. Two dozen. Whatever.
~ Takeda mid fight with Ferra/Torr
Maybe I should teach you.
~ Takeda mid fight with Johnny Cage
If you're got one, say it now.
~ Takeda talking about Erron Black having a prayer
I just washed these pants so...
~ Takeda after Kitana tells him to get on his knees
Out with the old.
~ Takeda to Johnny Cage
We'll see.
~ Takeda thinking that Johnny Cage has not left to teach him
I know so, dad.
~ Takeda believing his skills past his father's skills
Enough business, let's play.
~ Takeda after trying to discuss business with Cassie
How do you?
~ Takeda asking how does Cassie know it will be a fair fight
Time for school, Cassie. More like the whipping stick.
~ Takeda Takahashi to Cassie Cage
More than you know, dad.
~ Takeda to his father Kenshi
That's about to change.
~ Takeda talking about trying to put fear in Kotal Kahn
A challenge would be nice.
~ Takeda mid fight when he is beating his opponent
This is going to get ugly.
~ Takeda to Kano
I'd rather go a couple rounds.
~ Takeda saying he would rather fight Kotal Kahn
Guess you know what comes next.
~ Takeda saying him beating Kung Lao comes next
Ready and waiting.
~ Takeda she is ready to fight Liu Kang
See for yourself.
~ Takeda wanting to show Bo' Rai Cho that he believes he doesn't need anymore training
More than well.
~ Takeda telling Kung Lao that Scorpion's training made him a great fighter after Lao wonders how good Takeda is
Ohh, you're nervous! I can tell.
~ Takeda saying he can read Quan Chi's mind and knows that he is scared
Ugh! You been rolling in the trash?! I'm serious, you smell awful.
~ Takeda not joking about Reptiles smell
This will only take a second.
~ Takeda after Sonya wonders why he is bothering her
Enough to bet a Lin Kuei!
~ Takeda to Sub-Zero
Are you serious?
~ Takeda after Tremor says he will die
I'm beyond snatching peebles, master.
~ Takeda to Scorpion


  • Interestingly enough, he shares his name with the first Shirai Ryu Clan founder, with Hanzo being the founder of the newest iteration of the clan.
  • Takeda is currently the youngest Earthrealm character to kill another individual, since being a teenager (fifteen based on comic sketches) when he killed Fox.
  • Takeda is the second Shirai Ryu character to be playable in the franchise. Scorpion, who appeared twenty-three years prior, being the first.
  • Concept art and sketches reveal that Takeda was going to use eight different sword-like weapons and was code named Spider, similar to how Hanzo Hasashi is code named Scorpion. However, this changed when NetherRealm Studios decided to give Takeda whips instead and it's never mentioned if he obtained a code name.


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