Takkar (also known as The Beast Master) is the main playable protagonist in the 2016 game, Far Cry Primal. He was a Wenja tribesman who located the secret home of Oros, the safe haven of Wenja. However, his land and his people came into danger when they were attacked by the vicious, man-eating tribe Ull, who killed and ate the flesh of Wenja and Izila, Masters of Fire who sacrifice Wenja for the sun. Takkar must learn to overcome these threats, and rise into the new leader of his tribe.



Based on the opening, it can be assumed that Takkar was separated from the Wenja tribe in Oros. He and his brother formed a tribe which roamed the lands, seeking a suitable place to live while surviving the elements

Far Cry Primal

Takkar and his brother Dalso were hunting mammoths in the prologue. After successfully taking one down, the Bloodfang Sabertooth attacked them, killing everyone but Takkar. After burying Dalso, Takkar will learn create a bow, some arrows, a club, and spears before traveling through a cave. He soon discovers another Wenja named Sayla who was skinning an Udam. They escaped together, arriving at an abandoned cave where she explains what happened to the Wenja in Oros.

After helping Sayla find medicine, Takkar sets off to find Tensay, a shaman who teaches Takkar how to tame animals. Upon returning to the village, Takkar found that the village was about to be attacked by Ull and the Udam tribe. He fought them off, destroying their camp and killing many before returning. The distraught Sayla explains to Takkar the number of casualties and urges him to avenge them.

Takkar sets off to find Wenja specialists scattered around Oros. There was Jayma the hunter, Wogah the weaponsmith, and Karoosh the warrior, each coming with their own set of quests. Jayma in particular gave Takkar the locations of the great beasts which he can choose to defeat and tame besides the Bloodtusk Mammoth which can only be killed. Takkar will also receive potions from Tensay, allowing him to hallucinate and discover the motivations of the enemy tribes.

While checking up on Tensay, Takkar will discover the existence of the Izila tribe. He decided to rescue the Wenja trapped there, finding out the enemy tribe’s weapons and buildings. After being knocked out, he discovered the leader of the Izila, a priestess named Batari. He quickly escaped their lair, preparing to wage war on the Izila.

In an attempt to learn about his enemies, Takkar will capture 2 commanders from the enemy tribes. An Udam named Dah and an Izila names Roshani. Dah in particular is treated worse with Takkar having to save him from an execution. With their information, Takkar will prepare to fight the leaders of both tribes.

In order to fight Ull, Takkar must use rare yellow leaves to create a mixture which renders him immune to poisonous gas which protects the Udam base. Despite this however, he is still captured and placed in a cage where Ull taunts him. Upon escaping, Takkar engages in a brutal right with Ull, using his weapons, beasts, and even enviromental objects to take down the Udam Warchief until he finally sucumbs to his injuries. Upon Ull’s last request, Takkar takes the Udam Warchief’s children to be raised with the Wenja. Sayla is confused by this but is happy nevertheless.

In order to fight Batari, Takkar must steal the Mask of Krati, a mask used by Batari’s son who formed a failed rebellion. Takkar will then attack the Izila’s temple before an angry Batari ambushes him and destroys the mask. After a tactical battle requiring many ranged weapons, Takkar defeats and kills Batari. He then returns home where Tensay greets him and celebrates with hallucinogenic potions.

Skills and Abilities

As he was born in an environment where survival was an everyday tackle, Takkar is a master survivalist. He is able to hunt animals with ease and is a master craftsman, able to use animal hides and whatever supplements he encounters to create weapons and healing remedies. It's also revealed he possesses a spiritual connection to Oros' animals and can tame them. Takkar is able to use his owl to scan an enviroment and can unleash other beasts such as wolves and jaguars on his opponents.

Takkar is also a skilled fighter, able to hold his own against countless Udam, Izila and beasts he encounter. However he is still human and can be critically injured or knocked out. Takkar is also extremely proficient with clubs, spears, bow and arrows and grappling hooks. Throughout the game it's revealed Takkar can also augment his weapons such as creating fire arrows. He's quite a skilled marksman, able to hit moving targets with his bow and arrow and Stone Shards.

Takkar is also quite skilled with pyrotechnics but can still burn himself. He is also able to lay out traps for his enemies and Hunter Vision allows him to scan far distances but can still be ambushed or captured.


Takkar is a brave and noble spirit who proudly fights for the Wenja, his people. He cares deeply for his people however he is still outright brutal and violent to his enemies, specifically if they endanger his friends. Takkar also shows a spiritual connection to the beasts he tame, and is seen petting and healing them whenever they're injured.

Despite his aggressive nature, Takkar's strongest weapon is his compassion for his enemies. Though like all Wenja he despised Udam, he showed kindness to Dah, an Udam warrior who helped him create Sting Bombs and in return Takkar spared Dah from execution at the hands of Wenja. After this the former Udam vowed all loyalty to Wenja. He also honoured Ull, the Udam leader's final wishes by protecting his newborn son and daughter and respectfully telling his spirit to walk free after he had died. Takkar's massive respect for his people was shown how he gave his friend Dalso the proper burial after he was killed by a tiger and went after Ull to avenge Sayla's despair.

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