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Takt (タクト) is a hero of Omega Quintet.


As a childhood friend of Otoha, and thus to serve as a manager and bodyguard of Otoha. Since the work seems manager Ayumi do, exclusively body guard core business. And finally the manager of all five. Constantly tension lower, also the work of the manager I believe cumbersome. Although long relationship with Otoha, not particularly romantic feelings. It is known that to enhance the person the story early attached as a body guard, and so provide support for Song Maiden et al. In the past, it has a past that's done in mild thanks also Otoha of being attacked by a beep. Tension and special abilities pattern derived from that. Aria says, about 30% is that of a beep as a percentage. Weapon to use a sword is the prototype of all of the sound device. Direct combat power for not have the power of Song Maiden is low, we have described above useful support effect. By the way, it means the baton and "Takt". In the true ending that beep to disappear over a wide area, it is directed to the trip to confirm whether the beep has been the extent to which disappeared in reason that "because it is all right even without". At that time, but things will take one person as a partner, it is a state struggling likely in any event.

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