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Taku Morisaki is the main protagonist in the 1993 animated Studio Ghibli film, Ocean Waves.

He is voiced by Nobuo Tobita.


Taku is a young man from Kochi, Japan, looking back on his high school days and recalling the love triangle between himself; his best friend, class president Yutaka Matsuno; and beautiful transfer student Rikako Muto.

During a class trip to Hawaii, Rikako cons Taku out of a large sum of money so she can go visit her father in Tokyo, but Taku unexpectedly gets mixed up in her plans and goes along with her. There, he learns that there's a lot more to the troubled young woman than he thought.

Back at home, Taku's clandestine trip with Rikako causes friction between him and Yutaka, who's had feelings for Rikako ever since he met her.


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