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Takumi Inui is the primary user of the Faiz Gear to become Kamen Rider Faiz and the main protagonist of Kamen Rider 555.

He is portrayed by Kento Handa.


Takumi as Kamen Rider Faiz

Takumi was originally a human until he died when hit by a car as a boy, resurrecting him as the Wolf Orphnoch and decided to use his new-found power to protect humans, intending to save Ryusei School students when their reunion turned into a massacre caused by the Clover Four's Kitazaki and some of their classmates who were already Orphnochs. Since the brutality of the incident, and somehow confused between his failure to save them and the implanted memory in him afterwards that made him believe that he was really the one who started it, Takumi refused to transform again and became a loner, bent on not getting into relationships with people out of fear of somehow betraying them, traveling without any self-confidence or lifelong dream of his own. He is also often teased by Mari for being a "nekojita" (literally means "cat tongue"; someone who cannot stand food that is too hot).

While at a restaurant, Takumi sees Mari there and follows the girl under the notion that the bag she carried was the one stolen from him three days prior, demanding the bag from her when two of her traveling companions dissolved and she assumed he killed them. But when the true killer, the Orphnoch Hiroshi Izawa, reveals himself to take the Faiz Gear, Mari put the Gear on a reluctant Takumi, becoming Kamen Rider Faiz and kills the Stingfish Orphnoch. Once the police find his bag, Takumi ends with the Faiz Gear when he and Mari got their bags mixed, coming to her aid when she is attacked by the Elephant Orphnoch before Mari guilt-trips him into sticking with her. But once learning she was faking her injuries, Takumi ditches her and causes a laundry van to crash, with Mari forced to help its driver Keitaro Kikuchi make his deliveries before finding Takumi at a laundromat.

Arriving at Tokyo, after Mari gets no reply from her father, Takumi suggests they head to Smart Brain to find him, only to not meet Mari's guardian. But after getting a traffic fine and an ensuing argument, Mari decides to borrow money from Keitaro to pay Takumi's fine on the condition to her pay back by working part time at Keitaro's shop. Later, when the Orphnoch Eiiji Toda chases after him and Mari once killing the master at the coffee shop he worked at, Takumi admits his flaws before Keitaro arrives in time with the Faiz Gear and Takumi uses to kill the Squid Orphnoch. Deciding to help Mari, Takumi attempts to steal a Smart Brain pass from Yuji Kiba, who refuses to press charges. Later, Takumi encounters the Snake Orphnoch (Naoya Kaido) and attempts to fight him until the Horse Orphnoch (Yuji Kiba) charged in to aid him.

Eventually, Takumi was getting used to being Faiz and decided that if fighting was a sin, after losing to Kaixa a few times and battling a few Orphnoch, then he would bear the sin and defeat all that get in his way. But, after his fight with Lucky Clover member Mr. J, he loses the Faiz Gear to the Centipede Orphnoch, Itsuro Takuma. But he gets it back and is able to transform into Axel Form, thanks to Kusaka, where he manages to defeat the Sea cucumber Orphnoch and drive Takuma away. But an act of deceit from Kaido and the Rabbit Orphnoch, Yoshio Kobayashi, Takumi and Kusaka lose the belts to them as they are attacked by Takuma and a fellow Lucky Clover member, Saeko Kageyama. Takumi then did an undercover mission to get back the gears for him and Kusaka. After his cover was blown, he and Kusaka discovered the Ryusei School inside the Smart Brain Corporation along with the Delta Gear. After getting back the Faiz Gear, Takumi transforms into Faiz to battle the Lucky Clover members who have escaped.

Takumi then learns that the rest of the students of Ryusei School also used the Delta Gear to fight. He tries to help Kaixa take out the Frog Orphnoch, but finds that it was defeated by Kamen Rider Delta. Takumi then learns that the Delta Gear was stolen by Sawada, a Ryusei student who became an Orphnoch. The male Ryusei School members freak out over who the belt should belong to, with Takumi puzzled by their strange behavior. Eventually, he learns that Mari was captured by the male students who wanted to trade her life for the Delta Gear. However, Sawada arrives and kills the two students, revealing he came to discard the last shred of his humanity by killing Mari, however Faiz and Kaixa interfere with this plan, also finding out his identity but let him escape.

Takumi then talks to Saya about being strong and able when Sawada comes back to take Mari's life. He and Kaixa team up but lose when the Dragon Orphnoch takes the belt from the newly arrived Saya (who is before killed by Sawada) and transforms into Kamen Rider Delta. Delta proves to be too much for him and Kaixa as they escape from him due to the Centipede Orphnoch (Itsuro Takuma) interfering with Delta's "fun". He then makes a vow to not leave one Orphnoch alive. He later finds the Horse Orphnoch battling the Lobster Orphnoch and becomes Faiz to take him on. However, Delta interferes and forces both Faiz and the Horse Orphnoch back into their human forms. Though astonished, Takumi eventually comes to understand Yuji's desire to protect humans and decides to fight alongside him. But Kusaka stole the Faiz Gear from Takumi in order to drive a wedge between him and Yuji (due to his personality). During this, Delta comes from out of nowhere and attacks Kaixa and Faiz and used the Jet Sliger to continue "playing". Faiz then summons his own Jet Sliger to battle Delta, but loses because of his inexperience using it. Delta then launches missiles from his Jet Sliger and destroys Faiz's Jet Sliger, but Faiz manages to escape with a quick activation of Accel mode.

Later, after talking to Mari about Sawada's humanity, he tries to believe in him and lets him protect her when she is attacked by an Orphnoch. But this was all a ruse so that he could get close to Mari to kill her like before. He succeeds in doing so and leaves Takumi in a state of shock. He asks what Kusaka meant by when he said that he will revive Mari. Sawada explained to him that she had special blood cells that normal doctors wouldn't be able to help her. Takumi talks to the Chief asking if he could use the facilities to revive Mari. The Chief agrees only if he became a member of Lucky Clover by killing Sawada to which he said is impossible for Takumi because he isn't an Orphnoch. But Takumi reveals his true nature as an Orphnoch during the fight that followed. Despite his attempt, Kusaka tells him that they cannot just ignore what occurred.

Mari and everyone tried to have a picnic by a lake, but two Lucky Clover members wanted payment for using Smart Brain to save Mari's life. Eventually, Takumi revealed to Mari in battle that he was an Orphnoch and she was terrified at the sight of him. Later, Yuji asked him when he became an Orphnoch and about being terrified of the powers. He also mentioned to Yuji that he willingly transformed into an Orphnoch but could not remember anything after that. He tried to live with them again because Mari wanted to give him a second chance. Unfortunately, he left them of his own free will and went back to Smart Brain for some answers. It was there that the Chief of Smart Brain showed him footage of the night of the Ryusei School Reunion; it was shown that an Orphnoch attacked the students and killed a huge number of them. The footage showed that Takumi was there in his Orphnoch form which he thought that he was responsible for what had happened. He then decided to become an official member of Lucky Clover; his first task was to take back the Faiz Gear that he gave to Yuji Kiba. The Chief wanted him to use the Gear to kill him, but Yuji refused to do it because he was human. Takumi then fled from the battle.

Once Kusaka learns that it was Takumi who slaughtered the class of Ryusei School, he meets with Takumi with the intent to kill him. Luckily, Yuji was able to save Takumi from being killed. Takumi then found and helped Mihara and Rina by transforming into Kamen Rider Delta and fought an Orphnoch attacking them. However he faints soon after and Rina tries to show compassion, with Mihara having doubts from Kusaka. When he woke, he then decides that he would rather die than become Smart Brain's ally. He fights the Chief only to be beaten and somewhat saved by Yuji and Kusaka. He then finds out from Mari that he isn't the one who killed everyone on the night of the reunion, but the Dragon Orphnoch was responsible and that he was instead trying to protect everyone. Soon after, he becomes Faiz again but this time with a new form: Blaster Form. Using this new power he manages to destroy another Orphnoch out for his life and scare off the Dragon Orphnoch. Mari asked him to come back, with Kusaka retorting that he himself still doesn't trust Takumi (like he ever has), but refuses. He gives Mari the Faiz Gear and runs off. He then challenges the members of Lucky Clover to final battle where everything would be decided. After that, he finds that Sawada is still alive.

He eventually learns from Sawada that the attack on the Ryusei School Reunion was not a random attack, but a plan cooked up by Smart Brain to try and artificially create Orphnoch. He also learned that most of the students were failed subjects and that only a handful survived, but only he himself became an Orphnoch. He passed out before he could tell Takumi anything else. Takumi takes Sawada to a safe location where Sawada learns why Mari can still believe in Takumi even though he's an Orphnoch before Sawada knocks him out and takes his place fighting the three members of Lucky Clover as the battle Takumi challenged to Lucky Clover. After witnessing Sawada's death, Takumi decides to fight alongside Kaixa and Delta not as an Orphnoch, but as Faiz.

After Yuji Kiba becomes president (after the first one was fired and defeated by Faiz, Kaixa, and Delta) and the death of Masato Kusaka, Takumi learns that the Orphnochs are destined to die unless the Orphnoch King is awakened. But if the King awakens, then all of humanity will die. He learns that the Orphnoch King is Teruo Suzuki and tries to destroy him to save humanity, but Kaido tried to stop him and Takumi failed. He tried again but this time Yuji stopped him and took his body back to Smart Brain for examination. He was saved by the combined efforts of Keitaro, Mari, Kaido (who found out from Yuji and told the others), Mihara, and Rina before being confronted by Yuji again. Both he and Yuji then have one last battle that involved their powers as Faiz and Kaixa and Orphnochs. Takumi is able to claim victory as he spares Yuji's life because he said that he is "human". With a renewed sense of living, Yuji agrees to help Takumi and Mihara take down the King using the power of the Gears. The fight doesn't go so well when the Kaixa Gear is destroyed and it slowly destroys Yuji. But before he died, Faiz managed to land a hit on the King, defeating the King and killing Yuji.

In the final scene of the final episode, Takumi, Mari, and Keitaro are seen lying on a large field of grass. After a short conversation, Takumi claims that he now has a dream. As both Mari and Keitaro asks what his dream is, Takumi looks at his hand; and the last time he looked at it, it was slowly starting to turn to dust, but looking at it now, he notices that his hand had completely healed. His vision becomes blurred for a moment, but he says nothing. With a face of joy, he states that his dream is to make pure white laundry, and to make everyone in the world happy. It is up to the viewers if Takumi managed to keep on living as Faiz or instead, eventually died.

Other Appearances

Paradise Lost

In an alternate story, Takumi's battle with Smart Brain leads him to be defeated when he and Mari were ambushed by an army of Riotroopers. Although Takumi was able to fight them off as Faiz, there were just too many and he ultimately was dragged away by the Riotroopers. Without a successor to the Faiz Gear, Mari hid the belt, always believing Takumi would return one day. Unknown to her, Takumi survived his encounter with the Riotroopers, but was left severely injured, having sustained a head injury that resulted in amnesia. He had since been under the care of a former Smart Brain scientist and his daughter, Mina. However, Mari started the local legend to the surviving humanity resistance cell that Faiz's return would bring peace.


He appeared also in several crossovers from the series like the films All Riders VS. Dai-Shocker, OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go! Kamen Riders, and the crossover films of Super Hero Taisen series, joining forces with another Kamen Riders and Super Sentai heroes.

He's also one of the main protagonists in the film Heisei Riders VS Showa Riders: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai. In a retelling of Kamen Rider 555's story, Takumi as Faiz fought against the Arch Orphenoch while Kaixa fought the Horse Orphenoch. However, Kusaka dies in the battle, causing him to discard fighting altogether, living a life full of regret. Sometime in the unknown future, he was approached by Tsukasa, wanting him to join him fighting the Badan Empire, but he refused and leaves. However, he was attack by Badan's monsters as Tsukasa arrived to fight them. While Decade was fighting, Takumi decides to join the fray, but he hesitated, remembering Kusaka's death. Later, Takumi arrived in the restaurant and was having lunch, but a criminal appeared and held one of the customers as a hostage. Having the victims scared, a doctor named Keisuke Jin approached the criminal as he started to heal his wounds as a promise. After Keisuke heals his wounds, Takumi started to follow them to their clinic. Keisuke started to question him until an injured patient appeared, with Keisuke having Takumi assist him. After helping Keisuke, the doctor would give some advice after hearing Takumi's story. On the next day, after taking Mari to buy food, they were ambushed by Badan's monsters as Keisuke arrived to fight them. Takumi would transform to finish them off, however Keisuke transformed into X to fight Faiz, seeing that he is one of the Heisei Riders. He was overpowered by the senior Rider. Later, he joins Kouta and Tsukasa, along with Wizard, Joker, OOO, and Kiva to fight the remaining Showa Riders. Faiz got himself defeated along with X when they executed their finishers on each other. However all the Riders were freed thanks to Gaim as they started to battle the Badan Empire. While fighting, Faiz sees Kusaka's spirit and the spirit would manipulate the Rider. Faiz would stop the attack from Wizard and X as Haruto and Keisuke convinced him to move on, having him remembering what Keisuke said during the incident as Kusaka's spirit disappears. They would transform and they helped destroyed Badan's ship. After battling the Badan Empire, Hongo stated that their battle wasn't over as the Rider War continues. However the Showa Riders admit their defeat after seeing Gaim protecting a flower as they would congratulate the young Riders. Takumi would later receive helpful advice for Jin for the last time, learning to look towards the blue sea whenever he felt lost and needed help. He was last seen doing just that, sitting peacefully beside the Auto Vajin as he began a new life without regrets.

He'll return in the upcoming crossover film Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3.


Takumi is an aloof man with social problems. While on one hand he is good at heart, he can sometimes be unfriendly towards others and can sometimes be unlikable. It is this personality flaw that Kusaka would later use to drive a wedge between Takumi and Yuji by impersonating Takumi with the Faiz gear.

Although he (at least initially) tries to not make friends or close relationship with others due to his fear of hurting them, he tries his best to protect those close to him. Later on in the series, Takumi becomes more welcoming towards others and seems to have become more satisfied with his life.


Kamen Rider Faiz



  • Height: 186cm
  • Weight: 91kg
  • Punching Power: 2.5t
  • Kicking Power: 5t
  • Jumping Power: One jump 35m
  • Running Power: 100m for 5.8 seconds
  • Special Move: "Crimson Smash"


  • Black Shell Mett - The head of Kamen Rider Faiz. A reinforced helmet with a multi-layered thin hard shell made of sol metal, which is a super metal with hardness close to diamond developed by Smart Brain, and equipped with a shock absorbing bag inside.
    • Extreme Regulator - Oxygen supply device for the wearer. It enables activities in harsh environments with extremely low oxygen, such as in water and in toxic gases.
    • Satellite Signal - Flashes mainly when communicating with satellites and tracking enemies. Spilling is stable, green blinking indicates access, red blinking indicates an access error, and lights red when communication is impossible.
    • Ultimate Finder - An ultra-sensitive camera that converts images into electrical signals and conveys them to the wearer. It also has a scope function that makes it look like daytime even in the dark, and an X-ray camera function that allows you to see through the object.
    • Photon Stream - An energy flow path that runs through the body. The internal fluid energy, Photon Blood, is red in the case of Faiz. The same smart brain reinforced suit has a different color photon blood.
    • Global Feeler - An antenna that communicates with Eaglesat, an artificial satellite that supports the Kamen Rider Faiz system. Collect information and download new programs.
    • Extreme Nose - An organ that artificially creates one million times the sense of smell of humans. It has almost the same sense of smell as a dog, but the sensitivity can be adjusted freely.
    • Photon Terminal - A junction ballast that connects photon streams. The photon blood flowing through the terminal emits too much energy, so this device resists the suit itself so that it does not self-destruct, and provides a stable supply of power to the whole body.
    • Pin Falls Sonar - At maximum sensitivity, you can even hear the sound of a needle falling 5 km away. The sensitivity can be freely changed by the wearer's will.
  • Full Metal Rung - It has a structure in which two shock absorbing bags are sandwiched between four solid boards made of sol metal, which is a super metal with hardness close to diamond developed by Smart Brain, and it repels the main gun of the tank. Heavy armor. It also has a built-in oxygen tank.
  • Faiz Pointer - Digital torch light type mechanism. When releasing the deadly kick "Crimson Smash", attach it to your right foot to lock on the enemy.
  • Power Finger - A fingertip that has the toughness to break through a 30 cm iron plate and the supple touch of pressing the keys of the Faizphone accurately.
  • Photon Stream - An energy flow path that runs through the body. The internal fluid energy, Photon Blood, is red in the case of Faiz. The same smart brain reinforced suit has a different color photon blood.
  • Solform - A reinforced suit knitted with ultra-fine metal thread made of Solmetal 315, which has both hardness and softness, and the surface is coated with reinforced soft plastic, Sylvaer.
  • Flex Bellows - Bellows for shock absorption.
  • Neck Shield - Made of Solmetal 315, which has both hardness and softness. Protecting the neck from external shocks, connecting a black shell met and a suit inside, there are countless capillary cables running to transmit information.
  • Mission Memory - A card key required to activate items such as Faiz Phone, Faiz Gear, and Faiz Pointer as battle mecha. Each item has a holder for inserting the mission memory.
  • Faiz Shot - Multi-function multi-digital camera. If transformed into knuckle mode, it can also be a punching unit that can release the deadly punch "Gran Impact".
  • Faizphone - Mobile phone type multi-device. After entering "555" with the numeric keypad, press "ENTER" and load it into the belt-type Fize driver wrapped around your waist to transform it into Fize. You also need to enter the code into this Faizphone when activating various weapons. It can also be a phon blaster for light bullet guns.
  • Knee Folder - Made of Solmetal 228 with higher hardness of Solmetal. It consists of two metal boards and one shock absorber. At the same time as protecting the knee, it also becomes a powerful striking weapon.
  • Power Anklet - A control terminal for concentrating power on the legs when kicking. In addition, the bellows-shaped flex bellows surrounding the calf absorbs the strong impact at the time of kicking.
  • Back - The back of Kamen Rider Faiz.
    • Metal Intercooler - A heat radiating plate for releasing excess heat released by Photon Blood to the outside. In particular, since electronic devices are concentrated on the head, large ones are provided on the back of the head.
    • Spin Connector - It is connected to the wearer's spine by a myriad of capillary cables. There is no pain to the wearer because it is connected by an ultra-fine needle.
    • Spin Pad - A protective pad that protects the spine and central photon stream. It becomes an airbag when it falls.
    • Photon Terminal - A junction ballast that connects photon streams. The photon blood flowing through the terminal emits too much energy, so this device resists the suit itself so that it does not self-destruct, and provides a stable supply of power to the whole body.
    • Energy Holster - Energy amplification terminal mount mechanism for setting the Faiz pointer when releasing the deadly kick "Crimson Smash".

Kamen Rider Faiz Axel Form

KR-Faiz AxelForm.png


  • Height: 186cm
  • Weight: 91kg
  • Punching Power: 3.75t
  • Kicking Power: 7.5t
  • Jumping Power: Jumping 52.5m
  • Running Power: 100m for 0.0058 seconds (when accelerator mode is activated)
  • Special Move: "Accelerator mode" "Crimson Smash" from activation ("Axel Crimson Smash")


  • Head - Kamen Rider Faiz Accelerator Form Head
  • Power Loading Board - When energy is stably supplied, light radiates outward on the substrate.
  • Full Metal Rung - Kamen Rider Faiz In order to release the high heat generated when the form is changed to the accelerator form to the outside, it will be temporarily deployed to the left and right.
  • Smart PC / TYPE AXEL - A microcomputer unit that uses the same Smart PC IV as the Fize driver for the CPU. It is equipped with a program optimized for controlling Kamen Rider Faiz Accelerator Foam, controlling the Bloody Core and activating Faiz Accelerator Foam.
  • Blood Stabilizer - An intermediary device for the stable supply of photon blood amplified by the bloody core to the whole body.
  • Silver Stream - As the output of Photon Blood increases, the photon stream changes color from clear red in normal form to silver. This is because the solgrass, which is the main constituent of the photon stream, has been altered by increasing the output, and it is also a danger signal indicating the durability limit value of the photon stream. Therefore, if the state of the silver stream is continued for 35 seconds or more, it will self-destruct, and not only will the wearer be exposed to a large amount of photon blood and die, but the surrounding 3km square will be contaminated with deteriorated photon blood.
  • Lang Connector - A rotating shaft that connects the full metal rung and the body under the full metal rung. The inside is a path for discharging surplus energy and residual heat.
  • Bloody Core - A forced reaction amplification furnace for amplifying the photon blood generated by the Faiz driver and sending it to the whole body through the silver stream. Kamen Rider Faiz also serves to temporarily store a large amount of photon blood in order to secure the energy required for the accelerator foam.
  • Faiz Accelerator - Kamen Rider Faiz A wristwatch-type control device for maintaining and managing the state of the accelerator foam. In order to prevent self-destruction due to Silver Stream, the form change is forcibly released within the time limit of 35 seconds to ensure the safety of the wearer. It also has a starter switch for "accelerator mode".
  • Coolant Breather - A cooling pipe that cools the computer and prevents thermal runaway. High-performance coolant flows inside the pipe at high speed and is directly connected to the case of the smart PC TYPE AXEL.
  • Drive Initializer - Stable control mechanism to prevent destruction of the Faiz driver. With this function, the color of the photon stream is kept in clear red instead of silver only near the Faiz driver.
  • Accelerator Memory - Program key to activate Kamen Rider Faiz Accelerator Form. It is not as versatile as the mission memory, and only the start program of Faiz Accelerator Form is written.

Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster Form

KR-Faiz BlasterForm.png


  • Height: 186cm
  • Weight: 94kg
  • Punching Power: 4t
  • Kicking Power: 8t
  • Jumping Power: One jump 55m
  • Running Power: 100m for 5 seconds
  • Special Move: "Strengthening Crimson Smash"


  • Head - Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster Foam Head
    • Ultimate Finder Ver2 - It is equipped with a super X-ray scope function that allows you to see through a lead plate with a thickness of several tens of centimeters, a macroscope function that allows you to see the target molecular structure, and a superstar light scope function that ensures vision even in complete darkness.
    • Ultimate Sonar - You can even hear the sound of a needle that fell 30km away. The name is the same as that of Kamen Rider Kaiza and Kamen Rider Faiz, but the performance is several steps higher.
  • Absolute Lang - Breast shield with 3 times the strength of full metal rung. Theoretically, it blocks even the ultra-high heat comparable to the surface temperature of the sun, and can operate even in the deep sea at a depth of 2500 m. A cardiopulmonary aid stabilizer / vital stabilizer is installed in the center.
  • Shoulder Shield - Absolute metal shoulder armor that is stronger than Solmetal developed by Smart Brain. If you protect Faiz's shoulder and use it as a shoulder tackle, it can also be a powerful striking weapon.
  • Crimson Cross - Photon blood running around the whole body turns the metal fibers of Solfoam into red. Since the suit itself has energy comparable to the medium mode of Faiz Edge, it is possible to incinerate it with just a touch if it is a normal Orphenok. The inside of the suit is coated with a cooling fiber substance and coolant substance to protect the wearer.
  • Energy Holster Ver2 - A holster that suppresses the increased power of Photon Blood and reliably supplies energy to the pointer. Made of absolute metal, which is stronger than Solmetal developed by Smart Brain.
  • Photon Blood Circuit Holster Part - A device for controlling the increased photon blood without a Fizephone. In addition to the breast part of the chest, it is placed in the arm part of both arms where energy is particularly concentrated, the holster part of both feet, and the back part of the backpack.
  • Photon Muzzle - An outlet for releasing and spreading concentrated photon blood at once when releasing the deadly kick "Strengthened Crimson Smash". It is 1.5 times stronger than diamond.
  • Shield Color - Absolute metal collar that is stronger than Solmetal developed by Smart Brain. Protects the neck from impact.
  • Photon Blood Circuit Breast Part - A device for controlling the increased photon blood without a Fizephone. In addition to the breast part of the chest, it is placed in the arm part of both arms where energy is particularly concentrated, the holster part of both feet, and the back part of the backpack.
  • Photon Blood Circuit Arm Part - A device for controlling the increased photon blood without a Fizephone. In addition to the breast part of the chest, it is placed in the arm part of both arms where energy is particularly concentrated, the holster part of both feet, and the back part of the backpack.
  • Photon Indicator - The stability of Photon Blood at that time is displayed in color. Yellow is increasing, red is slightly unstable, and blinking yellow and red indicate a dangerous area.
  • Blank Screwdriver - At the time of Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster Form, the Faiz driver is empty because the Faiz phone is inserted in the Faiz Blaster. Photon blood is automatically generated and circulated, so the driver is virtually unnecessary.
  • Blackout Stream - A photon stream that has turned black due to a self-defense program. The black Photon Stream plays a role in preventing backflow runaway and self-destruction of the suit by completely blocking the flow of energy in Photon Blood.
  • Flex Bellows - A shock absorbing absorber that protects the legs when kicking or falling from high altitude.
  • Final Anklet - A shock absorbing absorber that protects the wearer's ankles and shins from the impact of kicks and drops.
  • Back - The back of Kamen Rider Faiz Blaster Foam.
  • Photon Stabilizer - Resistors installed at key points in the suit. It has a function to keep the flow amount of photon blood appropriate.
  • Photon Field Brake System - By expanding the photon field, the recoil when using "Bloody Cannon" is offset.
  • Photon Blood Circuit Back Part - A circuit for controlling the amount of photon blood flow in the backpack. It is a particularly important part for putting the Photon Field Floater under control.
  • Photon Field Floater - A special propulsion substance, photon field, is generated from four generators, and it flies in the air with its jet power. The generators on both sides can be mounted on the shoulders to become a "Bloody Cannon".


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