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Tal'Set, formerly known as Turok, is a Native American, time-traveling warrior. He is the main character in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Evolution

Little is known about Tal'Set's childhood, or his life in general. What is known is that he was born to the Saquin Nation in 1840 in Southern Texas. Tal'Set grew up to be a brave warrior, defending his tribe with his life. He would become his tribe's leader later on in life

Sometime in the 1880s, the Saquin Nation was attacked by Captain Tobias Bruckner and his men, wiping out most of the tribe and their homes. Tal'Set would be the last one standing of his people, and the one to fight Bruckner. During their scuffle, the two are suddenly transported to The Lost Land. Shortly after arriving, Tal'Set is discovered by villagers and is taken to their seer, TarKeen. The seer identifies Tal'Set as the legendary Son of Stone, otherwise known as Turok. TarKeen than tells Tal'Set that the city of Galyanna is in danger, as the genocidal Lord Tyrannus plans to destroy the city of Galyanna.

Tyrannus plans to do this by sending his army led by a colossal beast called the Juggernaut. The army consists of Sleg, a race of humanoid Dinosaurs that are hell-bent on enslaving humans. Meanwhile, Bruckner, having no other purpose in the Lost Land other than to kill Tal'Set, is recruited by Tyrannus to assist in the attack. On his journey, Tal'Set meets up with a woman named Gen, who offers Tal'Set her armed Pterosaur as a form of transportation around the Lost Land

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