Tallulah Barbie

Tallulah is a character in Barbie as The Island Princess. She is a monkey from the South Seas, and she lives with Queen Danielle.


When Ro and her animal friends were brought to the palace by Prince Antonio, they would meet the royal couple, Antonio's parents and Tallula. Ro started talking to Tallulah and surprised Antonio's parents. At the same time, Antonio was sent to Princess Luciana.

When Ro is in the royal stable, Tallulah visited her. Ro provided her with a fruit, but Tallulah did not agree to eat without a knife and fork, but then gave up: "Well, if you insist, there is only one." Then she remembers that she and her brother used to climb trees to get fruit. Ro showed her the number of fruits in the branches and let her hold her headgear so it would not fall. Tallula admitted that she had forgotten how to climb, and Luo said she could solve the problem, so they began to climb and were noticed by Antonio and King Peter.

But later on, Tallulah and Sagi were preparing for the royal ball and singing at The Ball. On the ball, I didn't see Tallulah, probably close to her owner, Queen Danielle, later, when the rats went out to poison all the animals, Tallulah is seen sleeping in her bed; rats then poison bananas standing next to her bed. In the next day, Queen Danielle told her husband that she could not wake Tallula. Frazer then told the royal couple about the terrible infection from the South Seas (made up of Ariane). The king decided to let Ro and her friends leave the prison, and they drove them out of his kingdom earlier. Ro and her friends returned to the kingdom and went to the wedding of Antonio and Luciana, where Ro announced that someone had put the sleeping herbs into the animal's food and said she could heal them. Sleeping Tallulah was taken to Ro, and she woke up to hear what was happening, which meant she knew that Ro was in trouble. So she appeared to show everyone the truth and let the Queen Danielle happy.

Tallulah last appeared in the Rosella and Antonio wedding films, and she sings part of When We Have Love with Sagi, Tika, and Azul. It also shows that Tallulah and other animal friends were taken to the honeymoon by Rosella and Antonio. Tallulah appeared in the bloopers. When she first sang at The At Ball, she got an umbrella with the wrong color, then an umbrella that could not be opened, and an umbrella that covered her.



  • Tallulah once mentioned that she used to climb trees with her brother.


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