Papa, why did they change my name to Tillie?
~ Tanya told his father about her name

Tanya Mousekewitz is the tritagonist of An American Tail: Fievel Goes West and a supporting character in all other entries.  She is Fievel's older sister.

An American Tail

In the first movie, Tanya has traveled to America with her family, and misses her absent brother.  When she found out that her nickname Tilly is a takeon Fievel's nickname Filly, this makes Fievel reunite with his family once again.

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

In the second movie, Tanya has a much larger role.  She tries to become a singer so much, it even attracts Cat R. Waul.

An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island

In this film Tanya is again younger, supporting the theory that it takes place just after the first movie but before the second. (Or the 2nd film, along with the TV series, was all a dream sequence) Tanya's personality has become sassy and sarcastic in this movie, and she gets very jealous of her brother getting to go on adventures all the time. When adding her sarcastic comments to family arguments, she is told "Tanya, don't help!" by her parents. She forms a sisterly bond with Cholena when she is brought to the surface, helping make a dress for her and showing her around New York. When her parents agree to let her come with to bring Cholena back home and protect her from the police she is thrilled at finally getting to participate in an adventure. And when Tony is fighting Scuttlebutt, Tanya comes to Tony's aid by punching Scuttlebutt right in the face. She is last seen at the celebration ceremony of the new labor union for the cheese factory.

An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster

Here Tanya has a job as a secretary at the Daily Nibbler, a job Tony helped her get. She wears a professional dress, and tries to act more adult, partly because of the crush she has on editor Reed Daley. She's embarassed to have Fievel tag along with her, afraid he'll make her look less professional. Reed Daley doesn't return the feelings though, and ignores her. Tanya's hopes are dashed when Nellie Brie and Reed get together at the end of the movie, and in the final scene where the family is at the beach, she laments that her life has no meaning. But before she can lament further, she is brought into a group hug along with Mama, Papa, Tony, & Tiger, which she happily recuperates, showing that it hasn't affected her and she remains happy and hopeful.

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