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Tanya Robertson is the female protagonist who appears from the movie Stephen King's Sleepwalkers. She is Charles Brady's former girlfriend and later the new owner of the cat main protagonist Clovis.

She is played by Mädchen Amick.

Role in the movie

Tanya Robertson is an teenage girl who has an virgin. She is a nice girl who trusts her friends especially for Andy Simpsons who is one of the main characters from the movie. Tanya has just fallen in love with Charles Brady, but when she discovers that Charles is not a human, but a drain-vampiric, werecat monster called the Sleepwalker, she was at the mercy of Charles Brady. After she watches in horror that Charles Brady has shot Andy Simpsons to death. She was sad and depressed, then Clovis the cat who mourns the loss of his beloved owner Andy comes to her rescue by almost killing Charles Brady, Mary Brady revived her son and forces him to dance with Tanya, when Charles attempts to drain Tanya's virgin, Tanya kills him by pressing his eyes, then Clovis and his members of its kind manage to defend her. Then Tanya plots to escape from Mady Brady who wants to avenge her son's demise by killing Tanya Robertson. But Clovis manages to defend Tanya Robertson once again with the help of the Travis town cats to his side to protect her in time to kill Mary. As Mary launches an final scream to Tanya, she yells "YOU KILLED MY SON! MY ONLY SON!", Mary's final scream leads this latter to her demise with the ablaze of flames sent by cats.

Near the end, Tanya hugs Clovis, her savior.


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