Tape Girl, credited as QA, is character from the game Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. She recorded various tapes documenting the development ofThe Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience.


Tape Girl was a worker at the videogame company Silver Parasol Games, which was approached by Fazbear Entertainment and tasked with creating a virtual reality game to restore the entertainment company's reputation in the public eye, slandered by some games published by a rough developer in the past. Fazbear Entertainment sends them various old circuit boards containing the movement and behavor patterns of the animatronics, which were later scanned into the game to accelarate production. Unknown to them, this caused a malicious entity called Glitchtrap (who is believed to be the soul of serial child murderer William Afton) into the game. Tape Girl started noticing something strange was going on, seeing his colleague Jeremy exhibiting a weird behavior, with him standing for hours with the VR headset on, like he was talking to someone, and complaining with his manager about having horrific nightmares. She also starts to think the higher-ups are trying to have him fired. One day as she enters the building, she finds Jeremy still, wearing the headset, and a mask on the floor. The implication is that he cut his face off with a paper guillotin, which was mentioned in a previous tape. Sometimes later, Tape Girl finds out the rough indie game developer was actually hired by Fazbear Entertainment, in an elaborate cover-up to discredit the rumors surrounding the company. Tape Girl takes Jeremy's job as a beta tester, and meets Glitchtrap for the first time, standing behind the glass door like Chica or Bonnie would and watching her. She tries to eliminate Glitchtrap, but she discovers he attached himself to her tapes, making legitimately impossible to delete him from the games. Tape Girl decides to fragment the tapes trough the game, to weaken Glitchtrap and make him harmless. At some point she records another, says there is a way to kill Glithctrap: pressing a sequence of bottoms in the menu selection area, resetting the game and effectively killing him. It's unknown what happened to her after that, tough it's likely she simply lost access to the game after Fazbear Entertainment cut ties with Silver Parasol Games and handed the job of developing the game to another company, the one the character impersonated by the player works for.


Tape Girl is serious and pragmatic, talking in a monotonous tone and hardly ever showing any sign of emotion or anxiety, regardeless of the danger of the situation she's dealing with.


  • It's unknown why she didn't get rid of Glitchtrap herself even tough she claimed to know how to do it
  • There wasn't a specific gender in mind for this character while the script was written, with the original voice acting job audiction being open to both male and females voice actors


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