Independent to a fault, these roaming grifters lack a true north and put their trust in nothing but themselves. Being away from home for so long, they've reconciled with the dusty roads.
~ Tarah & Thayne's biography.

Tarah & Thayne are protagonists in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

Tarah & Thayne were once orphans that were taught by pickpockets and druids, only to go off to other lands, they later went to the Alacmist's college and found a way to go past the locked the door.

Tarah & Thayne later saw Armilly, Copernica, Galleo and Orik and spoke to them only to later go in the college. The two where later seen fighting a Dragon, only to gain the help of the four Steambots they met before. The two later joined the group, to their dismay. The group itself later went deeper into the college, only to fight against the Headmistress of the college, after Orik mentioned that the group needed to find the Necronomicog, Tarah mentioned she and her brother knows where it is. The two later went with the Mysterious Merchant to the Haunted Forest, only to walk to the Cursed City. When the group went to the city, they both noticed that the city itself seems more off than usual. The group spoke to the Archdruid Bob Lord IV, who sent them to his Dragon, but not before Tarah & Thayne showed the rest of the group their old orphanage and later spoke to the Ringmaster. The Ringmaster allowed them to fight in his arena, only to tell the group that he was giving Bob some spear parts and so the group went to look for Bob, only to fight against an Evil Ent and find the Necronomicog. The group was later zapped with an electric current by Gilgamech. Tarah & Thayne kept with the group, where they raided the Void's Castle and fought against illusions of their allies past foes, only to fight against two versions of themselves knight as the 'Repressive Sister' and the 'Burdensome Brother', the two later fought against three versions of Orik known as 'Wayward Spirit', 'Demon Warrior' and 'Joviel Deity'. The group then fought against Gilgamech twice and later the Behemoth itself. After the defeat of the Behemoth Tara & Thayne went to rebuild their old orphanage, who Galleo became the caretaker of and the twins later went to travel the world.

Powers and Abilities

Cards: Tarah & Thayne often use cards in their fight, mainly involving arcane magic and their main weapons; an axe and a spear. Some of their cards being: Siphan Mind, Steal Strength, Axe Chop, Cutpurse, Death Pulse, Fool's Gold and Twin Combo.


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