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Tarboy is the titular main protagonist in a Flash animated short film of the same name and its unreleased sequel Tarboy 2.


The short film begins with an elderly man deciding to tell his grandson Billy about a true hero who once fought an evil trio known as Fatkats and their henchmen. Fatkats once owned millions of robot slaves they placed into forced labour until they found a more efficient way to make money and as a result dumped their slaves into a large pit of tar. Once all of them were thrown in, every single part of the slaves with the sole exception of their memory cards melted and fused together to create a boy made out of tar, aptly named Tarboy. Motivated by the pain slaves had to go through Tarboy decides to get revenge on Fatkats and their henchmen, taking vast majority of them out. One of the Fatkats manages to escape, however and flees into a large building in an attempt to lure the tar creature into a trap. After managing to defeat one more of the Fatkats' henchmen Tarboy walks into a room where the remaining Fatkat and what appear to be copies of him. The remaining Fatkat then turns a switch which activates large heaters which melt Tarboy. When Billy asks his grandfather how he knows about this the elder responds by showing a jar containing the remains of Tarboy and saying that one piece of Tarboy turned into a bubble still floating somewhere around there which if combined with the rest of his body the tar creation would finally be able to have his revenge. This implies that the grandfather was the janitor seen in the short film.

Personality and skills

While most of his personality is left unknown Tarboy is known to desire the vengeance for the suffering of the Fatkats' slaves. He also possesses great fighting skills as shown in the fight scenes and is also a great tracker as shown when he tracks down one of the wrongdoers to his hideout. He also appears to be immortal as he's implied to have survived the trap he got into at the end of the short film.