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Tari is a major protagonist of the Australian adult-animated web series SMG4 and the main protagonist of the 2019 web series, Meta Runner. She is a very kind and insecure girl who didn't really know who she is and that they have experimented on her, so now she is able to warp into video games.


Just like her SMG4 counterpart, She is a kind, insecure and shy girl, who likes video games and rubber ducks. She is shown to be a pacifist, but is very skilled with weapons such as firearms (most likely due to her prosthetic arm) and she appears to be very danger prone, as she often finds herself getting hurt or in danger.

Powers and Abilities

  • Robot Arms - User possesses and is able to wield a programmable, mechanical arm that is similar to that of a human arm. The arm can be programmed and designed in order to fit the need of the user. Some robotic arms can be assembled or disassembled to various forms of technology, allowing the user to perform system checks, enhancements, and upgrades. In some cases, users may possess at least one, two, or even multiple artificial arms, with possibly each of them may possessing a variety of functions, whether for battle, or not for battle.
  • Bionic Physiology - The user either is or can transform into a machine, including a robot, cyborg, android, weapon, etc. This can include small factories instead of organs, which can manifest instruments such as mechanical limbs, weapons, or wheels. Some may be limited to specific mechanisms or parts to which their body can operate, others abilities may be limited only by their imagination.




  • According to SMG4, she is in an alternate universe to the main SMG4 one.
  • She is about 22 years old according to the episode, Wrong Warp.
  • She might be part of 'Project Blue' according to the episode, Aimbot.
  • She, along with Belle Fontiere, appear as a cameo on SMG4's computer in SMG4: The Day SMG4 Posted Cringe.
  • She seems to be amnesic and does not remember what happened during the "Blue Project" events.
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