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When I think of a goal, or a task... I can see the path to complete it.
~ Tari

Turbo Artificial Rapid Intelligence, also known as T.A.R.I. or Tari, is the main protagonist of the Australian adult-animated web series Meta Runner. She is a very kind and insecure girl who didn't really know who she is and that they have experimented on her, so now she is able to warp into video games.

She was voiced by Celeste Notley-Smith.


Tari is a kind, insecure and shy girl, who likes video games and rubber ducks. She is shown to be a pacifist, but is very skilled with weapons such as firearms (most likely due to her prosthetic arm) and she appears to be very danger prone, as she often finds herself getting hurt or in danger.


Tari wears a blue and white hoodie jacket over her white tank top with her Meta Runner symbol, with brown khaki pants, white and blue socks, and brown sandals. Her hoodie resembles the Blue Jay Bird, it has the design symbol of the Blue Jay Bird's wings on her hoodie shoulders. She has short blue hair, with purple eyes, and blue eyebrows.

In her TAS Corp. uniform, she wears a bare-shouldered, black, white and blue shirt, with black sweatpants with white stripes, and navy blue slide sandals with long socks and blue stripes.

In Season 2 - Ep 8: Soft Lock, she wears her similar hoodie again over her TAS Corp uniform but with a few differences.

Her Meta Runner arm is on her left arm.


Tari wakes up in an abandoned lab. She looks around the laboratory until she sees her Meta Runner arm. While she is escaping from the lab, she is having flashbacks of being a test subject by Dr. Sheridan. As she sees the light, she escapes the laboratory within the traumatic flashback of the lab explosion. After escaping, she is outside at an alley in Silica City.

She explores around Silica City, seeing people playing video games outside. She stops to look inside of Cyber Cafe until she is surrounded by a large crowd of admiring non-Meta Runners. The crowd asks her which game company she works with. Since she has amnesia, she tells them she is from TAS Corp She enters in TAS Corp. and sights a crowd in the Speed-running Arena.

Entering the Speed-running Arena, she sees Belle Fontiere attempting to beat the Ultra Jump Mania speed-run world record. As Tari goes through the crowd, seeing Belle Fontiere using her Meta Runner arm abilities to beat the world record. Belle does the Frame-Perfect Precision to get through half of the final level. Getting closer to beating the final level, Belle has to perform the Coconut Burst Jump to beat the world record. Performing the Coconut Burst Jump, Belle misses the flag goal and fails to beat the world record of the Ultra Jump Mania speed-run with one jump.

Despite Belle failing the Ultra Jump Mania speed-run world record, Tari was amazed by her performance. She picks up the game controller that Belle dropped and starts to play Ultra Jump Mania. As she tries to get used to Ultra Jump Mania, she is noticed by Belle and is told by her that she is in the Speed-runners Arena. Tari asks Belle if she could show her how she made Theo run fast like Belle did. Tari decides to change her mind about learning speed-running tricks and decides to figure it out on her own.

Tari continues to play Ultra Jump Mania and is getting used to playing it. After several button mashing, Belle realizes that Tari may have played Ultra Jump Mania before. Tari continues to button mash more, until she is warped inside the game of Ultra Jump Mania.

She wakes up on an island inside of Ultra Jump Mania, her AI abilities suddenly scan around until she is thrown at a coconut shell by Theo. In the real world, Belle tries to get Tari's attention while she is frozen. As Belle calls out for Lucks to see Tari, he brings out his TAS Corp. scientists to see Tari inside of Ultra Jump Mania.

Theo continues to attack Tari until Tari convinces that she is not a game boss in Ultra Jump Mania. Theo stops attacking and Tari shows a smile to prove that she's a human just like Theo and he believes her. After Tari explains how she ended up warping inside of Ultra Jump Mania, Theo introduces himself to Tari that she is on Simple Flip Island and he walks away to explore.

As Theo runs through the platforms, Tari runs to catch up to him until she ends up on a wall obstacle. Tari thinking that she can't jump high, Theo telling Tari to believe in herself that she can jump high. Her AI abilities scan again to show her to jump high believing in herself, she jumps and reaches on top of the wall. Tari wants to beat the level to get out and Theo shows the flag goal from a far distance. As Theo hears the hour story of the game told by the Elder Tomato, Tari gets tired of waiting and tells Theo that she thinks would be monsters that try to steal the flag, and both run to reach the flag before the monsters could reach it.

Both Tari and Theo continue to go through the platform on the first level until they are blocked off by a gateway wall. The beach bot offers them to find a golden key or pay for the DLC pass to go through. Tari figures out a strategy to bypass the gates by exploiting bad collusion and finds a button to open the gates.

As they go through the gates, they are fought off by facepalm trees. Since Tari didn't have any weapon to use, Theo gives her a pineapple hammer to fight off the facepalm trees. Many facepalm trees appear and they both start to fight off more.

Both defeat the group of facepalm trees until the game starts to glitch and an evil looking-like clone of Theo appears controlled by Lucks. As Lucks speaks to Tari about how much of a gift she is to TAS Corp, she is badly damaged by a TAS Corp. scientist by drilling her Meta Runner arm. As Tari continues to be painfully damaged on her Meta Runner arm, the game glitches more and Tari comes back in the real world with a sonic scream with Theo coming out of the game to the real world.

Coming back from the real world, Tari and Theo try to leave TAS Corp after being approached by Lucks. Both are guarded by a scientist as Theo throws his coconut shell at the guard and both flee away. As Belle tries to chase both before she is stopped by Lucks saying that he would manage to chase down both.

Fleeing away from TAS Corp., Tari and Theo are around the streets in Silica City figuring out where to hide. Tari suddenly loses Theo as she looks for him in the Silica City streets. She finds Theo talking to a lady and takes him to hide in an alley. Tari replies to Theo that he isn't in his game anymore and he is in the real world. Theo also can't use his game abilities anymore after glitching out of Ultra Jump Mania.

Tari thinks where to hide from Lucks and Belle, she finds a place nearby and enters inside The Hive with Theo. Looking around The Hive, they find an empty gaming room and both enter. As Theo is livestreaming, Tari sits down beside a wall and sights a coffee cup. Seeing the coffee cup gave her traumatic flashbacks of Dr. Sheridan and the lab explosion again. During the livestream, Tari gets a message from Belle and realizes that Belle has found both Tari and Theo.

Tari and Theo try to escape again until they are cornered by Belle and the TAS Corp scientists. Tari yelled out for help, but no one could hear and the walls were sound-proof. Belle gets closer to them until Theo throws his coconut shell at her and both run again.

Tari enters a gaming room and Belle knows that she has entered a dead end zone. Tari is found by Belle and she is kidnapped by her. After Theo escapes from the guards, he finds out that Tari has been captured and Lamar would help out to free Tari.

Tari is inside of a van with Belle and the TAS Corp scientists. Belle explains that TAS Corp will not hurt Tari and would experiment what would make her tick. On the other hand, Tari thinks that she still doesn't trust TAS Corp and she might get hurt again. Belle explains about her time being at TAS Corp that she has been through a lot and she's gotten used to it. As Tari questions about Theo, the van is crashed by Lamar's car.

Tari escapes from the van and gets inside of Lamar's car and both are driven away. Lucks wanted Belle to drive to chase them down. Lamar greets Tari and tells her to put the hoodie on below her feet so she wouldn't be tracked. He has seen Tari back in the arena that Lucks put a tracking chip in her Meta Runner arm. He also mentions to Tari that he likes to keep his opportunities as well.

As Belle drives to pursue, Lucks calls for his gunman to help shoot down Lamar's car with a rifle. Lamar dodges the rifle's bullets making Lucks' gunman hit other cars. Tari uses her AI ability scanning Lamar's controller as the car wheel, finding it interesting. The car chase continues and Lamar sees a truck go by and makes a turn to go around the truck. On the other hand, Belle also goes around but ends up crashing at another car and losing Lucks' gunman.

Driving so far, Theo sees a dead end on the road. Causing Lamar to panic, Tari quickly scans a strategy to avoid crashing at the end of the road. She quickly grabs Lamar's controller and drives to execute her strategy. She commands Theo to throw the trash lid at the billboard using it as a car ramp. She successfully protects Theo and Lamar from crashing at the end of the road.

Lamar and Theo celebrate Tari's driving skills on how she saved both of them from crashing. She gives Lamar's controller back and Lamar replies that he will take Tari and Theo somewhere safe to prevent Lucks finding them. Belle becomes confused on how Tari managed to drive over the dead end road. After the car chase, Lucks decides to change plans of having her for TAS Corp instead of wanting her abilities. Lamar takes Tari and Theo to a Ramen Noodle Restaurant at a hidden room to greet Sofia Porter and Masa Shimamoto.

As she is greeted, Sofia explains that Lamar, Masa, and herself are a part of a organization called MD-5. They have planned to expose and take down TAS Corp. Masa interrupts the conversation and gives Tari a game controller and accepts to play with him.

Before she could join MD-5, she has to win against Masa in a game of Battle Blaze. The game of Battle Blaze begins, and Masa keeps beating Tari over a lot. As Tari tries to get used to Battle Blaze, she suddenly doesn't remember how to warp into video games. Sofia helps out and checks her Meta Runner arm and says that her Meta Runner arm is standard. As she sees her Meta Runner symbol on her screen that she has never seen before, she presses it and makes Tari warp into the video game of Battle Blaze.

Being in the game of Battle Blaze, she sights Masa and he tells her to pick up a weapon and start the game. Her AI abilities help her throughout the game to beat Masa until she is shot by him. Suddenly, Theo is unexpectedly warped into Battle Blaze and attacks Masa with his banana mines with Tari being saved, she wins the game of Battle Blaze with the help of Theo.

After a game of Battle Blaze, Lamar and Sofia are amazed by her video game warping abilities and Masa welcomes Tari to MD-5. They celebrate until Theo starts to glitch out in the real world, as Sofia realizes that Theo has been out of his game for too long. Masa plans to warp Theo into a game cartridge copy of Ultra Jump Mania to prevent him from glitching in the real world.

Both Tari and Theo are warped inside a copy of Ultra Jump Mania. Tari says that it's dangerous for Theo to be in the real world. They walk around until another Theo is in the game copy of Ultra Jump Mania and both begin to glitch out and warp back into the real world.

Getting kicked out of the game, Sofia explains that the game cartridge Masa had already had Theo inside of it. Theo would need to go back into his own game copy of Ultra Jump Mania. However, Lucks has the copy of Ultra Jump Mania where it's back at the speed-running arena at TAS Corp.

While eating ramen, Sofia introduces Operation: Silent Demon. A plan to hack into TAS Corp's servers and get their private information and files. However, TAS Corp's security system is very protective. With the help of Tari and Theo, TAS Corp is having a big competition of the game called Tempest. On the plan, Tari has to perform the glitch in Tempest and crash TAS Corp's servers so Sofia can get TAS Corp's data.

Everyone on MD-5 begins to train for the huge competition of Tempest. As Tari is assisted by Sofia by altering her speed and angle, she performs the glitch on practice mode. She continues to practice performing to glitch until she gets the hang of it and is ready to face the real tournament in Tempest at TAS Corp.

Tari and the rest of MD-5 are ready for the Tempest tournament to perform the glitch at Gamma Tech Stadium. As Tari warps, her ability suddenly glitches and she blackouts out, seeing a vision of Lucinia Porter in her mind. She recovers from the blackout and starts battling in Tempest with the rest of MD-5 while Sofia waits to hack into TAS Corp. Since Masa only had a force-field to use, they had to find spell books to start battling to let Tari perform the glitch. They continue to fight against other players until they are surrounded by a professional team.

They managed to escape from the professional team with Lamar's scroll to teleport to a hill. The professional team is on top of MD-5 at the hill and makes Tari fall off the cliff and she manages to survive the hard fall. She is suddenly surrounded by the professional team until she is saved by the rest of MD-5 and she is healed up by Theo and ready again to fight the rest of the enemy teams.

They continue battling the professional team with Lamar and Theo forming the Orochi Formation to kill one of the professional team until they hear Tari screaming. Theo, seeing Tari in danger, decides to protect Tari with one of the professional's attacks and Theo gets eliminated. As they finish defeating the professional team, they climb up to the mountain to let Tari perform the glitch. As one of them still remains, they see MD-5 go up the mountain and the person turned out to be Belle Fontiere spying on them.

MD-5 reaching the mountain as Tari was preparing to perform the glitch, a fireball flies by as Tari dodges it and makes Lamar getting eliminated. Belle appears as she approaches Masa and Tari. As Tari attempts to perform the glitch, she is stopped by Belle's rock wall. As Masa and Belle have an argument, they start to fight each other. They continue fighting until Tari saves Masa by being crushed with a castle tower as Tari survives being crushed with her demon hand ability holding it.

Masa keeps fighting Belle while his Meta Runner arm is overheating until he is pounded on the ground. As he is sitting, Belle eliminates him with Tari being the only one left in the MD-5 team. Attempting to free herself from being crushed on a castle tower, Belle pins her down on the ground and wants to have a conversation with her.

As Belle thought she was responsible for Lucinia Porter's death, Tari doesn't remember anything about the Project Blue events. As Belle keeps hurting her more, Theo calls out to support Tari believing in her that she can do the impossible while being alone. As she escapes on the crushed castle tower with her wind gust, she starts to execute the glitch to crash the game. Belle with her best attempts to stop Tari performing the glitch, Tari successfully performs the glitch and makes the Tempest game crash. After crashing the game, she sees Lucinia Porter again in a void before coming back to the real world.

As Tari and the rest of MD-5 try to escape from Gamma Tech Stadium, they are surrounded by Lucks and his TAS Corp scientists. They are tasered by the scientists as Lucks calls out at Sofia Porter to bring her computer on counting down to three. As he is counting, she shoots off Masa's Meta Runner arm. Tari wants Lucks to stop hurting her friends as she decides to join TAS Corp and let go of MD-5. As Lucks crushes Theo's game cartridge and Theo disappears, his game microchip is sent to a computer base, keeping him lifeless and held captive inside.

Lucks explains to Tari that TAS Corp isn't really a bad company. Her friends say goodbye to Tari and they will remember her. She walks away with Lucks and says that she will be fine.

Powers and Abilities

  • Robot Arms - User possesses and is able to wield a programmable, mechanical arm that is similar to that of a human arm. The arm can be programmed and designed in order to fit the need of the user. Some robotic arms can be assembled or disassembled to various forms of technology, allowing the user to perform system checks, enhancements, and upgrades. In some cases, users may possess at least one, two, or even multiple artificial arms, with possibly each of them may possessing a variety of functions, whether for battle, or not for battle.
  • Bionic Physiology - The user either is or can transform into a machine, including a robot, cyborg, android, weapon, etc. This can include small factories instead of organs, which can manifest instruments such as mechanical limbs, weapons, or wheels. Some may be limited to specific mechanisms or parts to which their body can operate, others abilities may be limited only by their imagination.


  • She is about 22 years old according to the episode, Wrong Warp.
  • She might be part of 'Project Blue' according to the episode, Aimbot.
  • She seems to be amnesic and does not remember what happened during the "Project Blue" events.