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Tatsumiya is a main character in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She is a servant of Princess Uomi and a former familiar of Meikai.


Tatsumiya is a personified oarfish with a white himecut with red accents. She has red antennae extending from the top of her head, and bright orange eyes. She wears a white furisode with a red obi. Her obi jime is yellow with a white fish with closed eyes decorating it. In the bonus room's extra videos, she was shown to once have longer hair and to wear a furisode similar to the one she normally wears but red rather than white, and the fish on her obi jime has its eyes open.


Tatsumiya is very caring and intelligent speaking. She cares much about Wadanohara due to having close relations with her father, as such she is very worrywart towards her. Tatsumiya is almost always calm, however there are a few exceptions, especially when she is faced with troubles.


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