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Tatsuya Suou is a character from the Persona 2: Innocent Sin.


Seven Sisters school 3-B student. 18-year-old. Oil is always carry a lighter, has a habit of playing to ring the lid. From good and cool deportment of looks, the popularity of female students is high. While it is often to act alone and hated that it collude with others, originally have a friendly nature of fellow think. My hobbies are bike tinkering and impersonation (vocal cords replicate). The "Innocent Sin" Protagonist, to be active as a quasi-Protagonist to hold the key to the "punishment" story. Use weapons both hands sword. Initial persona "SUN Vu~orukanusu" (Innocent Sin), "SUN Apollo" (Eternal Punishment).

Innocent Sin

In casual chance Eikichi, it would be targeted by joker together with Lisa, so that Yuku chasing incidents related to Joker. It is silent, but it was the leader that rely pull strong members. When I was a child, and that it was a friend and a "persona-like" play of childhood friend, was awakened to the persona ability. For the 10 years before the incident, and we have forgotten a part of the memory, such as the time of human relations.

Eternal Punishment

To investigate the incident of the ball 閒瑠 City surrounding JOKER and persona, and are chasing alone.Until start chasing the incident, in the boy juvenile failure than "Innocent Sin", it had been repeatedly running away from home and school refusal. Yoshie Anna and good relationship, it seems to have been playing well at the club. Its personality, and is also said to be affected by retirement and family problems caused by the father of corruption. Persona capacity, woke up in that it has a "persona-like" as a child along with Katsuya. Ability of the battle are very high, tighten said to be by the Paofu~u "are in much stepping on the Bakazu than Katsuya". By inheriting the save data of "Innocent Sin", it can take over almost all the capacity of the "Innocent Sin". In Gaiden scenario in the remake, it has been drawn figure that followed the incident in the previous singles, which merges with the Maya Amano us.


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