Team Dark is one of the four teams from Sonic Heroes, alongside Team Sonic, Team Rose, and Team Chaotix. Its members are Shadow the Hedgehog (speed type), Rouge the Bat (flight type) and E-123 Omega (power type), with Rouge being the de-facto leader throughout Sonic Heroes and Sonic Free Riders, and Shadow taking the lead in Sonic the Hedgehog(2006). Team Dark's gameplay was meant to be the most difficult and action-packed in the game.


Sonic Heroes

In Sonic HeroesRouge broke into Dr. Eggman's headquarters in search of Eggman's secret treasure. There, she was shocked to find Shadow suspended in a stasis capsule. Turning on the power in an attempt to free Shadow, E-123 Omega was activated and began attacking Shadow, believing him to be an Eggman robot. After saving Rouge from a spray of bullets, Shadow engaged Omega. Before things could escalate further though, Rouge stepped in to break up the fighting and have the two talk. Afterward, Rouge was able to piece together the whole story: Omega was mad at Eggman for decommissioning him and imprisoning him and now wanted to take revenge by destroying all Eggman's machinery, and Shadow had lost all his memories prior to his release from the stasis capsule. Reminding them that their common target was Eggman, who had what they each wanted, Rouge had the trio form Team Dark so they could look for Eggman together.

Shortly after starting their search, Team Dark found Eggman and his Egg Hawk. Although they defeated the Egg Hawk, Eggman got away. Pursuing Eggman to Grand Metropolis with renewed resolve, Team Dark crushed the opposition in the city and escaped its Power Plant. Afterward, they met Team Chaotix, who they engage in battle over an assumption Rouge made about them. After the fight, Team Dark arrived in the big city where met Eggman again. Shadow asked Eggman about his past, but Eggman remarked that he had "no past to remember". Overcoming Eggman's robot hordes, Team Dark continued their pursuit of Eggman to Eggman's base at Bullet Station. After destroying Eggman's base, Team Dark faced the doctor and his Egg Albatross. Upon beating him however, Team Dark saw that the Eggman they had been chasing was a fake. Furthermore, they found the remains of a Shadow Android, making them question whether Shadow was the genuine article or not. Continuing their hunt, Team Dark eventually came across Team Sonic and fought them to see which one of them got to go after Eggman. Afterward, Team Dark continued their hunt through a spooky castle and mansion before coming across Eggman again. After overcoming Eggman's robot, Team Dark ventured to Eggman's headquarters among the Egg Fleet where they defeated Eggman and his Egg Emperor. With Eggman seemingly destroyed, Omega considered his mission complete. Soon after, Rouge went looking for Eggman's treasure, only to find a warehouse full of Shadow Androids. As Omega prepared to destroy the warehouse, he told Rouge, who did not know if Shadow was real or not, that Eggman needed the original Shadow to make the Shadow Androids.

Not long after, Team Dark, Sonic, Chaotix and Rose united to see Neo Metal Sonic reveal himself. As it turned out, Neo Metal Sonic, who had been impersonating Eggman, had been the mastermind staging the teams' adventures so he could copy their data for a plan to conquer the world himself. As Neo Metal Sonic transformed into Metal Madness, the real Dr. Eggman saw the teams had collected all the Chaos Emeralds and got the idea of using the Emeralds against Metal Sonic. Team Dark then volunteered to stall Metal Madness with the others while Team Sonic prepared the Chaos Emeralds. Despite Team Dark's efforts, Metal Madness transformed into Metal Overlord, but Team Super Sonic then arrived and defeated him. Afterward, Team Dark split up, with Rouge deciding to go after KnucklesMaster Emerald, and Shadow and Omega staying behind with an inert Metal Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Team Dark's reassembly began with Shadow and Rouge's pursuit of the Scepter of Darkness and later Mephiles the Dark. When Shadow and Rouge ended up in the future, the two found Omega in Crisis City, who was stuck in standby mode. Later, Rouge, after returning to the present alone and venturing through Tropical Jungle, found Omega and asked him to deliver a Chaos Emerald to Shadow in the distant future. Omega thus began waiting for 200 years until he was at the point in time where Shadow was in the future.

Eventually, the time came for Omega to assist Shadow. In the meantime, Shadow was busy fighting Mephiles. When it seems that Mephiles had the upper hand, Omega came to Shadow's aid. Upon his defeat, Mephiles escaped to the present, but Shadow and Omega followed him there. Before the battle though, Mephiles had shown Shadow that in the future, he would be blamed for the destruction of the world and sealed away, and Omega learned that he would be the one to defeat and seal Shadow away.

Sonic Chronicles the Dark Brotherhood

Sonic Generations

Sonic Runners

Sonic Forces

In Sonic Forces, Team Dark were on a reconnaissance mission regarding Dr. Eggman's new base of operations. Omega, however, soon stormed the base, recklessly destroying Eggman's minions and ignoring Rouge's request to wait for back-up from Shadow. Soon after, Omega came across Infinite, who he deemed an interference in his mission. Rouge had picked up transmissions from Omega concerning his fight but soon lost all contact with him. Due to this, Shadow immediately rushed to the base to try and find Omega at his last recorded coordinates.[4] Shadow was unable to find Omega, however, and only barely escaped his subsequent encounter with Infinite.

For the next seven months, Team Dark remained apart. Rouge in particular joined the Resistance in their war against the Eggman Empire, and an heavily damaged and inoperable Omega was eventually discovered by Tails, who tried to repair him until he got interrupted by a Chaos replica. During the last days of the Resistance-Eggman Empire war, Shadow joined the Resistance as well after saving Sonic from a replica of himself. Later, during the battle at the Eggman Empire Fortress, Team Dark was reunited when a fully functional Omega joined the Resistance's side in the fight. Team Dark proceeded to fight the Eggman Empire's army of replicas alongside the Resistance until the source of the replicas, the Phantom Ruby, was neutralized by Sonic, Classic Sonic, and the Avatar. With the war over, Team Dark met up with the other members of the Resistance in Resistance HQ, where Knuckles announced the disbandment of the Resistance.

Team Sonic Racing



Pre-Super Genesis Wave

Post-Super Genesis Wave


Main Members


Main Article: Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is the leader of the team during Sonic'06 and probably until recently. He made his debut on Sonic Adventure 2. He can run almost as fast as Sonic, only probably slightly slower, and probably is slightly stronger as well. He can do almost everything Sonic can and has chaos powers, which he can use to do a Chaos Blast or teleport. Shadow has a isolated personality, but Rouge and Omega make a good company for him. Even if it doesn't look like it, he fights for the good and for the sake of the world, remembering the promise he made for Maria.


Main Article: Rouge the Bat

Rouge was the leader of the team during Sonic Heroes and Free Riders and still is a good member of it. Like Shadow, She made her debut on Sonic Adventure 2. She is a expert at stealth and a great treasure hunter. She can glide, fly and climb walls. She works for the President and G.U.N, along with Shadow and Omega and does missions for them.


Main Article: E-123 Omega

Omega is a valuable member of the team. He made his debut on Sonic Heroes. He can shoot missiles and is very strong, so he can break walls and obstacules Shadow and Rouge can't break. He also can glide as well. Omega used to be loyal to Eggman, but then he began to hate him because he trapped him guarding Shadow. Now he wants to destroy all of his robots. Because of the times he spend together with them, Omega developed a bond with Shadow and Rouge.

Former/Not Official Members

E-10000B (Metal Sonic)

Metal Sonic disguised as a E-10000 robot during Sonic Free Riders and joined Team Dark. During the races against the other teams, he copied their racer data to challenge Sonic into a race and prove he's the best. Metal Sonic then revealed himself against the Heroes but he was defeated by Sonic on a race, even though his efforts.


Though the Team was not necessarily the Team Dark we have today, Shadow and Rouge worked alongside Eggman during Sonic Adventure 2, helping him with his plans. But, recently they are enemies, even more because Omega hates him.


  • Team Sonic/Team Heroes
    • Sonic The Hedgehog
    • Miles "Tails" Prower
    • Knuckles The Echidna
  • Team Rose
    • Amy Rose
    • Cream The Rabbit & Cheese
    • Big The Cat
  • Team Chaotix
    • Espio The Chameleon
    • Charmy Bee
    • Vector The Crocodile

Blaze The Cat

Silver The Hedgehog

The Chao


  • Team Eggman/Eggman's Empire
    • Dr.Ivo "Eggman" Robotink
    • Metal Sonic
    • Zavok
    • Egg Pawn
    • Death Egg
    • Infinite
    • Fake Copies

Jackal Squad

Mephiles The Dark

  • Black Arms
    • Black Doom
    • Black Creatures

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