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We have seventy hours to live, for most men, no time at all. But we are not most men. We are Merceneries, we have the resources. The Will, to make these hours count!
~ Spy, Exeration Date.

The Team Fortress 2 Mercenaries are the group of playable characters in the Team Fortress series.


Team Fortress

The Team Fortress 2 Mercs were hired by Redmond Mann and Blutarch Mann to fight in the Gravel wars. These mercenaries are Scout, Soldier, Pyro (offense classes), Demoman, Heavy, Engineer (defense classes), Medic, Sniper and Spy (support classes).

In Expiration Date, The RED Team went back to their base with a blue briefcase, only for both the Engineer and the Medic to teleport bread and noticed that it had tumors; because of this the team believed that they had three days to live. Spy created a bucket list for the other Mercs, only to notice that Scout ruined it and Soldier wanted the bucket. Scout than went to visit Spy for his help on getting a date with Miss Pauling, in which the two spent most of the three days doing, with Scout failing. Engineer and Medic then figured out that the Mercenaries were not getting tumors, as it was just bread mutating over each teleportation. The team and Miss Pauling then fought against a giant Bread Monster after Soldier mentioned that he had been teleporting bread for three days.

In the Comic The Naked and the Dead, Medic resurrected Sniper and the rest of the team were running from vampiric robots, only for the robots to go offline by taking the Demoman's blood.

In the comic Scream Fortress Grave Matters, both of the ghosts of Redmond Mann and Blutarch Mann went to Soldier, since he was a lawyer and the two then went to hire the Mercenaries to send their brother to Hell.

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  • It is theorized that the Team Fortress Mercenaries are cloned in the Gravel wars.


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