Tech E. Coyote Render
Tech E. Coyote is one of the main characters of Loonatics Unleashed.


Like his ancestor, Tech E. Coyote is super smart. Tech works as the team's gadget maker, often inventing machinery to help the Loonatics overcome their adversaries' powers and schemes. Before gaining his powers, Tech was a student at the Acme Tech University. Sometime before the meteor's impact, he had been tasked with tutoring a young Mallory Casey, but he discovered a device she had been working on was designed to drain the intelligence of the various professors of the university and transfer it to her. Fortunately, Tech disabled her machine before it could do any damage and called for police to take her away. Seconds before the meteor impacted the city, Tech had been displaying another invention to one of his professors, but was thrown out of the university thanks to the impatient professor accidentally activating a self-destruct system that Tech had installed in a device for "extra credit."


  • Genius Intellect: As a member of the Loonatics, Tech acts as the team's source of various crime fighting gadgets and vehicles, typically as the situation requires. Tech also has naturally high intelligence, but appeared to be as accident-prone as his ancestor during flashbacks to his college days. This prompted one of his teachers to say out of frustration, "I used to think you [Tech] were a mad genius, now I think you're just mad!". Since the meteor, the success rate of his inventions has been much higher.
  • Magnetic Maniplulation: The meteor's energy gifted him with magnetic manipulation powers.
  • Molecular Regeneration: He has the ability to regenerate his body after being disintegrated or suffering injury (a likely reference to his ancestor's tendency to suffer grueling injuries yet rapidly recover).
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