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Ted Glen is a handyman who is a main character in the Postman Pat TV series. He is one of Pat's closest friends.

He was voiced by Ken Barrie from 1981 to 2008. In 2013, Bradley Clarkson took over as the voice of Ted. In Postman Pat: The Movie, he was voiced by Dan Hildebrand.


Ted originally came from somewhere in Yorkshire, but later moved to Greendale, where he has a workshop. He is the same age as Pat and is very good at fixing anything that is broken, such as a tractor, ladder, broken van engine, and many more things. He also builds contraptions from scratch, which sometimes backfire, but turn out all right in the end.

Because of his ability to mend and invent things, his business had become famous in Greendale. He recently built a watermill next to his workshop. Using the money he got, Ted eventually opened up a garage and petrol station in Pencaster.


Ted is a slow-speaking, lazy-seeming man; small, compact, somewhat untidy in his dress sense. He has great but hidden energy. A man of numerous part-time activities, such as odd jobs, blacksmithing, horse doctoring, poaching, building/repairs, carpentry, etc. He is said to do very well for himself. He is always determined to fix anything, no matter how big or small the job is.


  • Ted was Ivor Wood's favourite character according to an interview for the Channel 4 programme 'Collectors' Lot'.
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    Ted's model wearing George Lancaster's hat was used as one of "The Burglars" in the aforementioned episode of "Bertha". The other burglar was depicted with Alf Thompson wearing Ted's cap. Ted also made a cameo in two "Gran" episodes, "Gran's Old Bones" and "Gran Good News".